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What do you consider to be the "canon" affinity for each sponsor?

Discussion in 'CivBE - General Discussions' started by Iberian Husky, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. Iberian Husky

    Iberian Husky Chieftain

    Aug 28, 2014
    Which affinity/hybrid do you find most fitting for each sponsor and why?

    For me:

    ARC - Purity/Supremacy Hybrid, mostly because the hybrid units look very fitting for a corporation like ARC.
    PAC - Supremacy, because the Daoming is like a robot.
    PAU - Harmony, because I'm not really sure how anything else could fit.
    FI - Purity, because their entire civ revolves around reviving the glory of Western civilizarion.
    KP - Harmony, simply because of the way their leader acts, though a case for Purity/Harmony could also be made.
    Brasilia - Purity, because militarism and big guns seem to fit well with Putiry
    Polystralia - Purity/Harmony Hybrid, I'm really not sure what Polystralia should be.
    SF - Supremacy, because the Russuans are like robots.
    Al Falah - Harmony, because their entire culture revolves around adapting to harsh enviornments.
    Chungsu - Harmony/Supremacy Hybrid, because they seem to be the least human out of all the sponsors.
    INTGR - Purity/Harmony Hybrid, because they're almost like a bunch of radical enviornmentalists. A case could also be made for pure Harmony or Harmony/Supremacy.
    NSA - Purity, Space Britannia anyone?
  2. Natura

    Natura Warlord

    Jul 6, 2009
    In the old loading screens in BE, PAU's leader would talk about seeing an orangutan and saying that they had to treat their new world with respect. I've always thought of him as Harmony.

    ARC is Supremacy/Harmony. The devs described this hybrid as "power by any means". If you listen to Suzanne Fielding's bits of lore, she wants power, and isn't shy about it.

    Slavic Federation I've always seen as Supremacy. Synergy with orbital units. He doesn't like the native wildlife (if you declare war on him one of the things he says is "Why fight your fellow humans when there's bugs to kill?"). He seems to have a big focus on technology too.

    KP, Harmony. The whole mystical thing doesn't really seem to fit with anything else. Possible Purity/Harmony with the idea of creating a perfect being, though Kavitha might think that's playing god.

    NSA I see as purity more because Duncan, from his lore snippets, comes across as one of the most human of the leaders. He's described as going fishing (and catching a record sized mutant cod), doing massive charity work (he promised space on the first floating city arks he built for climate refugees, and delivered on that). I can't see him surrendering his humanity.

    I actually get a Purity feel from Al Falah. Her lore snippets talk about how on the Seedships they kept the culture of old Earth alive. She's also one of the only leaders to mention old Earth in her tweets to the player. For Al Falah Earth isn't even a memory; it's a legendary place, a holy land, one to be returned to one day as the ultimate pilgrimage. Along with Duncan, she's the leader I could really see as fulfilling the Promised Land.
  3. GenyaArikado

    GenyaArikado Judge of Love

    Oct 12, 2011
    Purity: Arshia and Rejinaldo

    Arshia is pretty much a blank slate. Rejinaldo has much more diplo dialogue when purity (and he hates aliens)

    Harmony: Kavitha and Barre

    I dont believe this one even requieres explanation

    Supremacy: Kozlov and Daoming

    Again Kozlov is a no-brainer (he even has unique diplo interactions when he is supremacy). Daoming doesnt feel particulary leaning for any affinity imo but she is the scientist so this fits.

    Purity/Supremacy: Suzanne (Emancipation) and Hutama (Promised Land)

    P/S is basically Apple, so it suits ARC. Purity Hutama is the one with the most unique interactions, besides he's a people's guy.

    Harmony/Purity: Elodie (Transcendence) and Duncan (Promised Land)

    The woman who culled the ideas she didnt like from the Canon is obviously not pure Purity (can you really picture her bringing those OE uncultured swines to HER planet?), besides she probably is the one who built the Drone Sphere (which requires an Harmony leaf tech) and if Lena is right, she has an olympic ego. Like Arshia, Duncan is a blank state too but he looks like Hercules, so threw him here.

    Supremacy/Harmony: Han (Transcendence) and Lena (Emancipation)

    Chungsu is already seen with suspicious eyes, and they definitely come off as "Power by Any Means". With Lena on the other hand, i feel like S/H is the logical conclusion of her transmodern philosophy now that the damaged Earth isnt a factor anymore.
  4. Martin_K

    Martin_K Chieftain

    Mar 28, 2014
    ARC - not really sure. she seems pragmatic and power hungry, so harmony and transcencdence don't really fit her character. she believes in the "american dream" according to some in-game text, so i guess she values hard labor and personal achievement, ie going the cyborg route (supremacy), delegating all the work to robots (purity/supremacy) or using genetics to become superhuman (purity/harmony) don't really fit to that sort of ideal. so straight purity, i guess?

    PAC - Supremacy. i think some of the supremacy affinity level up texts are actually daoming quotes. her blind faith in science might also work for a supremacy+harmony hybrid that ignores common sense or morals. she's one of the leaders that would probably prefer the contact victory imo

    PAU - Harmony. there are barre quotes in some of the harmony techs/affinity level ups i think. he also seems to be a pacifist and he shows a lot of respect for life in general, so he's probably the kind of guy who would try to adapt to the planet rather than dominate it.

    FI - Purity+Supremacy. The unit names of P/H hybrid upgrades seem fitting for them (Maestro, Baron, Virtuoso ...) and Elodie seems like the kind of person who would enojoy living in a sort of utopia where robots do most of the work and humans can spend all their time on cultural activities. promised lands victory seems fitting (inviting the people of earth to come and live in the new founded utopia)

    KP - Harmony would work for her, but purity also has some religious tendencies. supremacy actually might also work - according to their in game lore, they view themselves as some sort of prophets (see supremacy victory text) and some of their units have religiously inspired names (seraph, ANGEL, disciple, apostle...). i think transcendence would be the most fitting victory for her, though.

    Brasilia - could be anything, really. Reynaldo quotes indicate that his mantra is basically "adapt and win". i guess he wouldn't mind being "upgraded" to some sort of genetically enhanced cyborg (supremacy+harmony), so that might be his preference if the situation doesn't dictate another route.

    Polystralia - not really sure. Hutama is a capitalist at heart, so i guess purity might be best suited. i don't think the concept of capitalism would be relevant to the other affinites or hybrids.

    Slavs - Supremacy. i think there's at least one or two Kozlov quotes that indicate how little he cares for the original environment of the new planet, so harmony is out. he seems to care a great deal for his people, but i think he's one of those who believe in technology and who would actually go for the emancipation victory ("blessing" those poor earthlings who were left behind with the same advanced technology his people on the new planet already enjoy)

    Al Falah - not sure. they could be harmony (seeing as how sustainability is one of their core principles) or maybe purity (with their almost religious reverence of old earth)

    Chungsu - not sure. they seem to be rather cold and calculating, so supremacy might fit; but moon seems to be the perfectionist type, so going for the "superhuman" route (purity/harmony) could also fit

    INTEGR - Harmony (due to their environmentalist background) or purity - they seem to be idealistic and "promised land" victory would seem fitting for them.

    NSA - Purity. from his background description, Hughes seems like one of the leaders that would go for "promised land"
  5. CountAccountant

    CountAccountant Warlord

    Aug 9, 2013
    You don't need to guess: There literally are canon affinities for the different leaders in the game's XML files (or more accurately, a preference for certain victory types, which has the same effect).

    For example, Hutama is almost equally happy with Purity or Harmony victories (scores of 9 and 8, respectively), and will generally avoid Supremacy or Contact Victories (scores of 4 and 5). Canonically, Hutuma's leader personality is Purity or Purity-Harmony hybrid.
  6. GenyaArikado

    GenyaArikado Judge of Love

    Oct 12, 2011
    I dont like those tables because in vanilla everyone or almost everyone had Transcendence as their highest rated victory and we dont know if they will further tinker the leader files personalities, so they seem to be too volatile in my opinion.

    Besides, my interpretation is cooler. Cooler than the other ones posted too tbh
  7. CaptMikeP

    CaptMikeP Purity's Finest Warrior

    Mar 17, 2015
    shouldn't Barre be purity though, he even has a quote for the purity affinity..
  8. Brainarius

    Brainarius Chieftain

    Apr 18, 2015
    American Reclamation Corporation - Supremacy/Purity.
    Pan-Asian Cooperative - Supremacy/Harmony.
    People's African Union - Harmony/Purity.
    Franco-Iberia - Purity.
    Kavithan Protectorate - Harmony/Purity.
    Brasilia - Purity/Supremacy.
    Polystralia - Purity/Harmony.
    Slavic Federation - Purity/Supremacy.
    Al Falah - Purity/Harmony.
    Chungsu - Supremacy.
    INTGR - Harmony/Supremacy.
    North Sea Alliance - Purity.
  9. Brainarius

    Brainarius Chieftain

    Apr 18, 2015
    What they would consider to be a successful colonisation:
    American Reclamation Corporation - Build Warp Gate and use it to transport colonial resources back to Earth and sell patented products based on them. Gate will be tightly controlled and guarded.
    Pan-Asian Cooperative - Contact/Transcendence/Emancipation. Depends on how much authority Daoming has and whether anyone else can counter-balance her and her successors. The PAC's goal is self-sustained colonies. They are not expecting them back.
    People's African Union - Transcendence/Promised Land.
    Franco-Iberia - Promised Land. The gate will be used for regular travel between the worlds.
    Kavithan Protectorate - Contact/Transcendence. Her father likely had some prophecy regarding the progenitors or the hive mind.
    Brasilia - Promised Land.
    Polystralia - Promised Land.
    Slavic Federation - Promised Land.
    Al Falah - Promised Land/Contact. The gate will be more for them to visit Earth.
    Chungsu - Domination/Emancipation.
    INTGR - Builds Warp Gate and sends people back with advanced green tech and sustainable resources.
    North Sea Alliance - Promised Land.
  10. Aea

    Aea Prince

    Jul 14, 2015
    Al Falah is definitely purity IMHO. They spent generations trying to preserve Old Earth culture. Degree of success isn't something we know but I can't imagine them going Harmony at all.
  11. GenyaArikado

    GenyaArikado Judge of Love

    Oct 12, 2011
    each time someone says FI is pure purity a feature is taken away from the next xpac/Civ game

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