What does the AI respecting/disrespecting you compare to?


Jul 28, 2008
Basically the title but I'll elaborate.

I get the general idea of how diplomacy works. AI takes a trait, and that trait has something that they look for. If you have "it" they like you. If you don't have it, they start disliking you.

Ok, that's fine and easy to understand. But what is the AI comparing you to? As an example -- an AI likes energy per turn. Do they like you when you are making more than them? More than most other players? More than a predetermined set amount? More than a predetermined set amount at a certain turn number? +xyz determined by how many/few cities you have? Total energy buildings constructed? ETC ...

I've gotten the AI to respond by doing what they asked. But I still don't know much much is enough. EX -- Vadim thinks my orbital coverage sucks. So, I build a launch complex and now he likes me. Wonderful, but I'm still curious how he determined my orbital coverage was too small in the first place and how much was needed to get on his good side.

Exact numbers are not needed, but I'm just curious in the details of how this like/dislike thing works. I've played several games and still can't really figure it out through trial and error.
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