What does the world need more of?

Does the world in general need more people doing good things or less people doing bad

  • More people doing good things

    Votes: 39 37.9%
  • Less people doing bad things

    Votes: 50 48.5%
  • Other

    Votes: 14 13.6%

  • Total voters
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I think that's everyone's line....but it still rings true :)
i think we need to stop looking at all the bad craghp that is in the world for at least ten mins a day. And think about our own position in the world.

i think our problem is we have it to good in most cases so we seek out the worst things in the world and make everything seem so much worse then it realy is.

Other people doing less things....
Err, considering humanity's present collective consumption We Need More World.
The world needs less. We need less. This is too much.

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