What exactly constitutes an 'Occupied City'? (& Diplomacy in general)


Dec 29, 2007
According to Diplo game updates, you lose diplo favour each turn for each 'occupied capital'.
This made me think a little (and yes, it did hurt) and I was reminded of all the times a civ had attacked me unprovoked, I took 2/3 of their cities and allowed them to sue for peace and surrender those cities.
A few turns later, the same civ denounces me because 'I occupy one of their cities' - yet I do not as the way I read the surrender terms they ceded them to me. This means they are now mine and no longer occupied - they produce, which an occupied city rarely does.

So what constitutes an 'occupied city' please?
It is apparent the AI thinks it means any city I took & they surrendered to me when that is nonsense. Ceded is ceded.

The diplomacy in Civ6 is probably the weakest thing in the entire game, as there is almost nothing you can do with it at all. I can do trade deals, denounce & declare war and ask for pointless 'promises' that are always ignored - and whilst we are on that subject, when I am suzerain of a City State & the AI attacks it, where is my option to warn them off? It's nowhere to be seen at all, likewise if an AI attacks a friendly (to me) AI where is my option to warn them off? About the best you can do with the CS situation is wait until the AI takes it & then ask them not to do it again! Utterly pointless & a foreign policy about as effective as China Joe's is.

Diplomacy really needs a total overhaul for the next patch series...and I would love to see the following (please everyone feel free to add to/laugh at these)

1. War & Peace.
A - 'Unconditional Surrender' option. This would be very rarely granted of course and the result would be that I effectively run their empire as well as my own, get all their resources and so on. There would be a time limit on this after which it would expire and be subject to renegotiation.
B - 'Vassal State' option. Not necessarily only available in peace treaty negotiations either. This would leave the vassal state under an obligation to automatically join in any wars I start (or that get started against me) and should also allow me to direct their research efforts in such a manner that anything they discover/.research is automatically given to me too.
Vassal status should also be something a weak civ can ask for with a more powerful one in order to forestall getting attacked. Again, subject to renegotiation, possibly at the turn of an Era.

2. General Options.
A - a way to fit up other AI/Civs by framing them.
B - much more detailed espionage options in the late game, such as if there is either a Spy or a Special Ops (the final iteration of Scouts) unit in the city, a bomber should be able to strike a specific building in the City Centre (in addition to bombing the crap out of a district) (after Lasers have been discovered, of course)
(I will add to this list as I think up more stuff - it's Monday Morning so brain not fully firing)


Dec 11, 2001
Deep inside...
No, the weakest thing in the entire game is the AI. Weak diplo is in part a consequence of that, but you are right that the design is also very weak and lacking.


Jul 1, 2019
Even if they cede a city to you, it is still considered an occupied city to the AI, because it's still a city they founded. The UK have had the Falklands for nearly 200 years and Argentina still feel it is their land. If they took your city, how would you feel? :lol:

I do agree that in general diplomacy is very flat in civ 6 and all you can really do with an AI is trade with them or war with them. V definitely felt a little more interesting in that regard.

There is a mod called Real Allies which prevents any Civ in an Alliance with you from warring with city states, which is quite helpful.


Nov 14, 2014
This actually has me wondering how Cyrus' ability functions in regards to Diplo points. One of his effects is that he receives no penalties from occupying Cities, but does that extend to the Diplo point reduction?


Oct 9, 2020
This actually has me wondering how Cyrus' ability functions in regards to Diplo points. One of his effects is that he receives no penalties from occupying Cities, but does that extend to the Diplo point reduction?
Given that many (if not most) CivVI mechanisms aren't (well) interconnected with each other, most likely not. Hence why its only in the base Game, but the trait is changed in RnF and GS.
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