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What game should I play?


Feb 7, 2021
Hi guys,
I'm an old Civ 4 bunny. Especially the mods are amazing and have kept me loyal to this game for decades. What has always bothered me, however, are the limited diplomatic options. With the mod I'm currently playing (Realism invictus), the diplomatic options are even more limited.
On the other hand, there are great features that I wouldn't want to miss, such as the processing of resources. Civ 6 has a great approach with the different leader types and Casus Belis, but unfortunately the AI can't handle it.

So my question is: Which game, whether Civ or another or with mods or without, would you recommend?
- A game in which resources are important and in which you have to compete for resources.
- In which diplomacy and exchange across national borders are important.
- Where there are ways to fight enemies beyond war (the stability system in RI is great, for example, because you can use it to cause unrest among your rivals.

PS: I tried Vox Populi, but I find it very strange that bonuses are often only given for population growth.
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