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What have you changed in Civ 2?

While I have a standard rules.txt now,I have tryed lowering the cost of the Oracle to 200 sheilds and bump the expiration to Communism.I also tryed lowering the cost of courthouses to 40 sheilds and no upkeep,I like this change for MP games.I hoped these would help the AI,but if it did,you sure couldn't tell.

I played with the HiRez mod for awhile.It has some new techs and units.The explorer is replaced with an interesting Zeppelin unit as well as an attempt to recreate a WW1 type era with bi-planes and early tanks.

I tryed lowering the cost of marines to 40 sheilds hoping the ai would do some amphibious assaults but there was no real effect.

Someone tryed giving the aircraft carrier a higher attack number.The ai built some,but did not use them for planes :(
I can only play on Playstation so I can't change the rules at all, but I do change the city names. Unfortunately this is not permanent so I have to re-enter them each time. This isn't what you wanted really, but it's the only change I can make. And calling France's second city Lyons is so annoying! :aargh3:
I Have new units new terrain icons. I Have also increst the
number of steps on roads fron 3 to 4.:)
like it was said before:some new units,new techs(very few) and also NEW GRAPHICS(the most important)
We could say that the technology tree is more realistic with units of the WW1
I don't change rules.txt except for scenarios with creation of new units and techs
Once one learnt how to, one has done a little fiddling with most features of the game, mainly in a vain attempt to make the AI tougher and more intelligent.
I took out cruise missiles since the AI normally builds tons of them instead of better units and is able to use them only on ships. From time to time I cut development at WW2 technology, because I think that era is more fun to play than the modern one.
I actually incresed the explorer to 9 squares per turn instead of 3. If I'm going to invest that many shields in a unit that can't do any fighting, he needs to be a little quicker.
I'd love to find a way to fix the AI so I can automate some of my cities without them turning into disaster zones. Any suggestions?
Originally posted by duke o' york
And calling France's second city Lyons is so annoying! :aargh3:

Why is that annoying?

I don't change the rules.txt.
I've never bothered changing the rules as I only change the names of cities and cannot be bothered to change unit rules...
Only thing I've changed is city names in the txt file for Americans. Gave them revolutionary war city names. Wanted to give engineers 1 attack power so they can destroy roads and forts but never got around to it.
I personally have done a mod that changes a ton of things - some improvements, most wonders, a few techs, a lot of the units, etc. Main goal was to take out the Alpine Troops and Helicopters, which I saw as either overpowered (AT) or useless (Choppers), and to remove all references to Christianity (my girlfriend's request, that). All removed units were replaced by naval units, 'cause I like naval warfare.

You can download it here...


(and before someone says to send it in here... I did, they just haven't gotten around to putting it up in the last 3 weeks)

It's for the original version; though I'm sure someone creative could edit the files into ToT or some other format if they wished.
Of course, one does occasionally change the ADM values of Battleships to 36/29/12, and indulge a bit of one's Iowa class frenzy on the AI's phalanx and horsemen, just out of pure evil. :evil:
Originally posted by duke o' york
That's the English spelling. The second city in France is actually called Lyon. Just a pedantic whinge really, but since I play on PS then I have to do it every time I play with the French. :(
But on that note are you going to have Rome changed? Munich? Seville? The list goes on...

Can't you change it yourself anyway, or does the PS version only let you use the game's City names?
Well I just readjusted my Civ2 tribe order and colors so that some of the historical hatred show up, such as French vs Germans. Other than that at the moment my regular Civ2mge is pretty much the same.

I don't think the table is going to show up correclty but here is what it looks like:
White Romans, Spanish, Russians
Green Babylonians, Zulus, Germans
Blue Celts, Mongols, Americans
Yellow Egyptians, French, Chinese
Light Blue Vikings, Persians, English
Orange Greeks, Sioux, Japanese
Purple Carthaginians, Aztecs, Indians
You moved the Mongols to Blue???


90% of the agony is having to gift those guys something to get my beaker count back down where it belongs, knowing they are going to use it next turn to go on a rampage!

Here's my RULES2.TXT:

The first group of 7 is my "dream team" for playing WORLD.MP.
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