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What have YOU decided to edit?

Papa Lazarou

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May 15, 2001
Royston Vasey
Hey fellow Sidites, i just finished a big editing session and ive wrote this list just incase my .bic file screws up again. Post yours and help give myself and everyone else good ideas what to edit to make the game fairer/more balanced in you opinion:


- gave zone of control to battleships.

- increased the movement points of ships by one or two points.

- gave infantry a zone of control.

- changed spelling of 'Harbor' to 'Harbour' ;o)

- changed the cultural opinions like so:
in awe of (3:1)
admirers of (2:1)
impressed by (4:3)
unconcerned with (1:1)
unimpressed by (3:4)
dismissive of (1:2)
disdainful of (3:1)

whereas before it was like:
in awe of (3:1)
admirers of (2:1)
impressed by (1:1)
unimpressed by (3:4)
dismissive of (1:2)
disdainful of (3:1)

(my discriptions makes it easier for me to see how i rank culturally against others IMO)

- put nuclear subs att=10

- made privateers att=3

- F-15's att=10

- i found the man-o-war was being made obsolete too quick by ironclads so i made the stats like so:
frigate:- att=3 def=2, bombard=3
man-o-war:- att=4 def=2, bombard=4
ironclad:- att=4 def=4, bombard=4

this way if man-o-war initiates an attack then it has a fair chance against an ironclad (other way round is a different story)

- Cruiser's bombard from 4 to 6.

- scouts movement now 3

- changed the name 'AEGIS Cruiser' to 'Cruiser'. (Could anyone tell me what AEGIS stands for??)

- for each difficulty level i halved the attack bonus against barbarians because they were too much of a push over (i kept myself from getting rid of the bonus totally to reflect the relative lack of organisation/training/equipment)

- increased number of civs for all maps (tiny-->huge) up to 16.

- added an ultra-huge map (256x256, 16 civs, distance between civs 32, optimal # cities 64, tech rate 300)

- made marines and paratroopers att=8 and def=8 - enough so they dont replace the infantry's role of defence but

enough to put up a fair chance attacking a tank and be a good multi-purpose troop and be slightly better at attacking than infantry.

- reduced the cost of marines and paratroopers from 10 to 9.

- made a new fascism government for civs that love to wage war. I havent tested it yet but tryed to make it fair.

Prerequisite: nationalism
Rate Cap: 5
Worker Rate: 3
Assimilation Chance: 20%
Draft Limit: 4
Military Police Limit: 10
Corruption: rampant
Unit Support: all units free
Hurry: forced labour
War weariness: none
Diplomats: conscript
Immune to: build embassy
Propaganda mod: 10

- changed german and japanese favorite governments to fascism (sorry, i know this isnt strictly true but who else is there, eh, indians?!)


- considering increasing some of the bombard rates but need to experiment a bit more first

- about to make a special unit that only expansionist civs get in the time around navigation maybe that makes it a bit more desirable to have the expansionist attribute because im sure you'll agree it is by far the worst attribute to have at the moment. I was thinking along the lines of either a dragoon, regular, conquistador or an expeditionary force unit that only expansionist civs get and can help them keep control of their far flung empires and most probably will make use of the 'treat all tiles as roads' ability among others.

- considering making a unit (ranger?) that comes about with explorer but has a few att/def points and treats all tiles as roads but has one movement point less than explorer so for what it makes up with att/def it loses slightly with movement but is still good for recon or sabotage missions.

- about to add the spanish.

- Special Ops unit with lots of goodies but costly


- Radar Infantry which is basically a weak infantry unit with the radar ability that is stacked with other units to see further.

- a super tough battleship

The End :sleep: :lol: :goodjob:
Good idea sealman. Overdeveloped deserts are ridiculous.

But I have to admit, I don't even know where to find the editor at this point. I'm still playing the game just as it was shrinkwrapped, and real damn happy with it.
I edit a bunch of stuff to kill corruption. Temples, marketplaces, libraries, and a whole bunch of other buildings get the 'reduces corruption' flag.
I'm about to make my big fixes... LWC has a pretty good set up but they changed too many things for my tastes.

I think upping movement by 1 or 2 isn't enough, I doubled most movements, more on modern ships. The reason is I play on Marla's World map where the oceans can take 20 turns to cross with an Aircraft carrier which is plain silly in the modern era. If I have 10 Aircraft carrier battle groups ready to go it shouldn't take 20 years to get them to the Middle East.

I plan on making the discrepency between technology bigger. I was thinking of using a standard formula to make it so that newer units can anhilate older units much easier... like multiply all middle ages values x2, Industrial x3, modern x4.

And stop Tundra tiles from producing anything or being modified. Greenland wasn't ment for mass colonization.
AEGIS is the fire control and electronic surveillance systems installed on the US Navy's Ticonderoga-class missile cruisers and the Arleigh Burke-class destroyers. (Japan and Spain also have ships with this combat system as well.) It's military designation is the SPY-1A or SPY-1D radar system, depending on how updated the ship's systems are.

It is mainly an Anti-air warfare (AAW) system capable of tracking literally hundreds of aerial targets (planes or missiles), and independently targetting each one with a surface-to-air missile if necessary. It is without a doubt the most advanced and most capable combat control system in the world's navies.

THAT is why the "AEGIS Cruiser" is in Civ III.

I'm not sure if "AEGIS" is an acronym or not. (It may very well be, as Lord knows the US Navy is not short on the numbers of acronyms it uses.) But the name is at least inspired by the fact that in Greek mythology, Aegis was the name of Zeus's shield. And effectively, that is what the Aegis system is: a "shield" for the fleet against attacks from the air.

Here's a picture of the USS San Jacinto (CG-56), which is a Ticonderoga-class Aegis missile cruiser:


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I added the reduce corruption and reduce pollution to practically every building (not that it seems to do anything). I also changed infantry's defense to 6, because otherwise warfare is basically impossible from the advent of infantry to the invention of the tank. This way they're still challenging but not impossible. Once I changed the horseman's movement to 3, because I figure if cavalry can move three, why not horsemen? But then I noticed barbarians were sacking my cities every turn, so I got rid of that.
Too long to include everything, but here's the summary.

Unfortunately, the best "editing" I ever did was to go back to patch 116.

Strategic resources: a little more common and a little likely likely to disappear (esp coal).

Improvements: temples and cathedrals reduce corruption. Lower the cost for the Palace (move it to a central location) and Forbidden Palace.

Small Wonders: Battlefield Medicine to 30 and Intell. Agency to 25.

Diplomats and Spies: all functions reduced by about 30%.

Units: too many to detail. Basically knights go to 5.2.2; all foot soldiers get 2-3 extra points as soon as gunpowder comes in. Frigates are stronger; ironclads stronger still, and same with destroyers and battleships. Ironclads should defeat frigates about 85% of the time. All bombardment units a little stronger.
Tanks lose "blitz" (historical). I all changed upgrade paths, otherwise such as Cossacks were almost worthless. Scouts and leaders got a defense factor of '1'.

I also edited all the airlift stuff. The game is so wacked out it allows War Elephants the ability to airlift - but not leaders! So Ichanged all that. Armor and horse should never airlift either.

Too much stuff can't be edited out, unfortunately such as Culture Flipping, or the inability of bombers to sink warships (absurd).
There is a similar thread to this one by Venge in the Creation & Customization forum. As I said there, some of the things I have ALWAYS changed in this and all the earlier civ versions is the fact thet Knights in reality came BEFORE, not AFTER pikemen, so I always swop Feudalism with Chivalry. Likewise, cannons were used in the Hundred Years War but muskets did not replace longbows for another two centuries. So I always have cannons becoming available with Gunpowder and musketmen coming later (yes, I am a bit of a history nut!).

One silly little thing I have always done that might interest others is to change the name 'Colosseum' to the more bland name of 'Stadium'. A Roman gladiatorial arena just does not look right in a modern democratic city. Besides, how many Colosseums have been built? Well....er....one, in Rome. But how many sports Stadiums are there in the world....thousands (and if you've ever been to a football match in England you'd know how close they can be to the Roman arena!).
i changed the desert and tundra to zero food and production, and unable to build irigation and mines on both, i pumped up food production from irrigated flood planes and mine production from hills and mountains (all to offset the tundra and dessert reduction) ... and i pump up some of the resorces that appear n desert and tundra to offset the no mine or irrigation thingy .... this small mod makes the map look sooooooo much better without the desserts and tundra being covered in mines and irrigation
i also change all the maps up the 16 civs .... at least then i have a choise how many i want in my game
I haven't edited a thing, I want my civ3 to act like civ3 ;)


Seriously: I have made a mod "Civ3 on Earth" which has so far given ME no problems :p though I've had alot of troubleshooting to do but it should work and each time someone points at a problem I do my best to resolve it alot of pms and e-mails testify to that!

I very often use Korns Blitz mod even though it did sometimes cause problems...it really improved the game for me.

I use new graphics in most areas with Snoopy's as a base...

I've used every save game editor released and have used multitool to see what can be done with the game...

Essentially this game will become truely great, but we need a much improved editor to allow that to happen and perhaps a few more patches.
He means he reduced the "cost" of spying missions via the editor...v.simple.
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