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What i liked about Civ and what I would like Civ VII to improve upon.

Discussion in 'Civ - Ideas & Suggestions' started by Doford, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. Doford

    Doford Chieftain

    Oct 23, 2016
    What I like about CIV and what I would like CIV VII to improve upon.

    I played about 200 hours of CIV V and didn't really enjoy it, I've play a bit of CIV VI and not really enjoying it.
    I want to put out how I would like it to change, though I doubt I'll have any effect. I've played a lot of previous CIVs and Most of what I like about civ is missing in CIV VI.

    CIV 2
    Overpowered wonders
    • CIV II: I could build a wonder and have a massive advantage over other Civs.
    • CIV VI: Wonders give +points. They used to be so empowering.
    • CIV VII: Make wonders overpowered. They were fine Before CIV V. CIV Boom.
    Call to power
    Space and sea layers
    • CTP: This completely opened up the late game. Expansion without war.
    • CIV VI: Non existent.
    • CIV VII: Create Sea and orbit layers for late game expansion. Expansion Boom.
    • CTP: I could quickly boom a city. It made food, food buildings/improvements more important. Booming your cities with slavery was a huge plus.
    • CIV VI: Non existent.
    • CIV VII: Bring back slavers so I can have powerful cities in the early game. Population Boom.
    unit stacks
    • CTP: I prefer war based on numbers. I could conquer city after city with one stack.
    • CIV VI: Terrain placement based on luck and low number of troops makes booming city takeover slow.
    • CIV VII: Huge armies in one spot improves the abilty for conquest booms.

    • CIV III: I could take over loads of cities with culture. I didn't have to go to war to take loads of cities.
    • CIV VI: Culture is not really worth it unless you're playing a cultural win. It's too finely balanced.
    • CIV VII: Improve Culture like it was in Civ IV. Expansion Boom.

    • CIV III: Combined units are so much easier to move.
    • CIV VI: " ".
    • CIV VII: Combine Units into unlimited armies.

    CIV IV
    • CIV IV: I could get religon early and boom missonaries to most of a huge continent / Pangaea. Creating peace.
    • CIV VI: Maximising religion puts everything else at a huge disadvantage and doesn't even give a huge advantage. You can't booom missonaries. It's a slow drip.
    • CIV VII: Allow me to boom missonaries like in civ IV. Diplomacy Boom.

    • CIV IV: I could conquer barbarian cities. Find Barbarian Continents on terra. Capture workers / settlers. Gain advancements.
    • CIV VI: Barbarian units are so overpowered or underpowered based on the terrain. You don't get advancements, cities, just a tiny bit of gold. The scout/horeman thing is silly.
    • CIV VII: Have barbarian cities with there own settlers, workers and advancements. Early game Boom.

    Civ V
    Hex map
    • CIV V: Visually it looks better.
    • CIV VI: " ".
    • CIV VII: It's fine the way it is.

    City States
    • CIV V: Too strong in the early game. They make diplomacy more interesting.
    • CIV VI: " ".
    • CIV VII: Improve the bonuses. Make them easier to conquer in the early game.

    Other Civ VI Opinions
    • I haven't played enough but I think they're a improvement.

    • Personalities make it too easy to know how a game will play out. Personalities should be based on how they've advanced and what's happened to them.
    • AI should react to barbarians, city states and other Civs better.
    • The AI shouldn't really care about distant civs in the early game.
    • The AI can't cope with 1up.
    • The largest map size is too small.
    • Water tiles don't have enough food.
    • Not enough production.

    Biggest Gripe About Civ VI

    Everything is +1, +2, +3, +4 bonus. It makes advancing free like a slow drip of improvement. There's no boom. I can't boom my cities with slavers, I can't boom religion with missionaries. I can't take many cities with culture, I can't create huge armies that take city after city. There's too many negative to expand wide or tall.
    Everything is so finely balanced that it becomes about getting to the end and not the journey.

    There's a lack of boom in every aspect of Civ VI.
  2. Disgustipated

    Disgustipated Deity

    Nov 14, 2006
    Las Vegas
    We are already talking about Civ 7 now? Hmmm.

    But I agree with many of the points.
  3. criZp

    criZp Emperor

    Jul 19, 2013
    Nidaros, Norway
    You really don't like money do you lol.
  4. Browd

    Browd Dilettante Administrator

    Aug 5, 2012
    Washington, DC
    Moderator Action: Moved to Ideas & Suggestions.
  5. lord_graywolfe

    lord_graywolfe Wolfman

    Jun 7, 2005
    I agree with most of that, though with the stacks they either need to put in an options for the player to decide how many UPT or just limit it to say 5 or 6.

    Just for the record CPT was not part of this series but I did enjoy it, particularly the way their combat worked.
  6. Bodin

    Bodin Chieftain

    Oct 23, 2016
    What I liked:
    1. Unstacked Cites - wow, what a 'game changer.' Really adds depth and complexity to the game.
    2. Districts (excellent addition)
    3. Improved city-states
    4. Keeps the hex map
    5. Modified "stacked" (but limited) units (great split between Civ 4 doom stacks and Civ 5 single unit hex)
    6. Religion (and theological combat) - really like the changes; makes religion like a separate form of 'combat' which made it much more interesting (got into a theological war with Scythia for several centuries in my first game)
    7. Eureka bonuses (very nice synergy with game play)
    8. Casus Belli diplomacy (excellent mitigation of war declarations and justification)

    Undecided about the Science research and Civic research split for 'tech trees'. Its different and interesting. On Standard speed, research seems a little "fast" (but that might be intentional). I'll have to play with it more before I can decide on this one.

    What could use improvement:
    1. UI - need a toggle for max information and minimal information (for example, when choosing a religion, you get a long list of options and generic descriptions of bonuses, but unless you turn it off and scroll across your map taking inventory, you really can't tell how well it could benefit your civilization. It would be nice to have that information available (like showing worked resources, unworked resources, and so forth with the belief option).
    Also, housing information - if its showing on the city, I haven't seen it yet. But if I look at my city, I'd like to see how housing is doing. Do I have 14 occupied and 15 available or do I have 15 needed and only 13 total? So far, I seem to only get notification 'after' there's a housing shortage.
    Also, unit XP would be good to have a bar along with the unit's health bar. The twin bar over cities and encampments it an excellent example of what could be used for units - red for health and blue for xp.

    So please add toggles for options to include more data displayed. I say 'toggles' because not everyone wants that data or may only want it for some of the time. Being able to turn it on or off during gameplay would be greatly appreciated.

    2. AI
    a. Combat - the AI needs to stop getting upset when the player puts sentries along his own border. If they are crouched next to an enemy's border, that's different. But a player guarding his own border should be considered acceptable behavior. Consider the real life example of North Korea and South Korea - an armed and guarded fence stands between them. The two nations "expect" guards on the opposite side of the fence. The AI should only get upset when there are units stacked up behind those 'sentries' (like preparation for invasion).
    b. Upgrades - the AI is not upgrading its units very well. I'm constantly seeing city-state and enemy nations running around with 'out of time' unit development. A warrior or spearman attacking one of my tanks is just bizarre. Might as well be peasants with pitch forks.
    c. Spies - I haven't played with this much, so if this feature is already in the game, I apologize for missing it. I would like to see spies have the ability to 'plant false documents' (the idea being to provoke a war between nations). The spy mission, instead of stealing tech, could have the effect of 'looking like' an enemy spy was attempting to steal tech. For example, suppose I sent in a spy to Egypt. His mission asks me to select a nation (say Sumeria or a city-state such as Jerusalem) to plant false documents. If successful, it nudges the nation towards distrust (from friendly to neutral, neutral to unfriendly, unfriendly to 'denounced', and if the nation is already 'denounced' then finally to 'declaration of war') - thus Egypt blames Sumeria and goes to war with them. If the spy gets caught, though, it would have the opposite effect on both nations towards me - both Egypt and Sumeria would move towards hostility towards me (and if either had denounced me, it could trigger a war on me by one or both nations).
    d. Borders seem to change too slowly. And they form rather strangely with glaring gaps between cities that can last for centuries. So I would recommend increasing the dynamic flow of boarders to expand (at least on the interior - the spaces connecting cities) much more quickly and compensating for the culture gain by tile by reducing the amount of culture per tile. Culture victory seems too easy right now anyway (at least, a little bit).

    So those are my ideas and initial comments.

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