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What is a Succession Game?

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Stories & Tales' started by Az, Aug 26, 2001.

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  1. Az

    Az Emperor

    Apr 3, 2001
    Athenes, Grece
    A succession game is a SP (Single Player) game played by a group of people.

    Each player plays 15 turns.
    While playing he must keep a timeline of the most important events that occur during his reign. When finished he passes on a saved game to the next player (either by uploading it on the site or by mail) and posts the timeline in the game's thread so that other players are informed of what happened.
    ( here's an example )
    This can get really interesting as everybody has a diferent way of playing Civ. All the strategies are tryed out in one same game.

    Now the only propblem is that games that are played with the MGE version can't be read by Classic. Thus we can't have a game between Classic and MGE players.

    Teams Succession Game

    Recently we've thought about a game where teams playing Classic and MGE would play the same game in a competition: TSG (Teams Succession Game).

    Same concept here exept there are two teams playing the same game (same map, same tribe, etc.) Each team is acting like in a normal SG. The game passes on from player to player. But each team tries to achieve more than the other in it's empire.
    One team consists of Classic players and the other of MGE players.

    Such a game is curently being organised here
    And we are recruiting.

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