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What is not to be, now is becoming.

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Stories & Let's Plays' started by gpcii, Dec 29, 2013.

  1. gpcii

    gpcii Emperor

    Jul 18, 2006
    This is my attempt at writing a story line along with my game play.

    Civ V (G&K)

    Here are the settings:
    Spoiler :

    Spoiler :

    The game picked Askia as my random leader...

    Spoiler :

    I have no intention to make this historically accurate. In fact, at this point I do not even know if this will be played out in the realm of Fantasy, or simply fiction. I also do not make promises as to the frequency of my posts. Last night I played 9 turns and the story is told in the post that follows this one.
  2. gpcii

    gpcii Emperor

    Jul 18, 2006
    Turn 1

    “Askia dear, we must find a place to stop soon. Our sons are growing tired and we simply cannot go much further.”

    Askia and his wife left their homeland in hope of a better chance of survival. They had two sons, one was twelve Winters old and the other was soon to be entering his fourth Summer.

    “Yes,” replied the Askia, “I know, but you must understand that if we stop here it will mean the death of our boys. This land, while promising much on the horizon is full of swamps and marsh. I have received words from one of our men that there is a hill not far away. It will be safer there. You will see. Please do not question me gain, especially in front of the people. They have put great faith in me, they must see that my wife has the same faith or more.”

    “I do believe in you. I am sorry for giving a different impression. I am simply a mother who worries for her sons.”

    “No! You are my wife, who mothers my sons. Never forget that.”

    Askia was a strong man. He had left the land of his childhood in the hopes of making a better life after the Great Shaking. It was not his intention to be a leader, but many had come to respect and admire his strength and visionary mindset. Besides these characteristics, there was another reason for following this man. Just before leaving a great thunderous shaking had opened the land beneath the surrounding areas and through his acts of heroism many were saved. Yet many more died. But of those who survived, a small handful begged to go with him in hopes of a better future.

    His people were not known for leaving the grounds of the Ancients. But what was left for them there?

    Meanwhile, a small band of young warriors were sent in the opposite direction of this hill that Askia had been told about. There task was a simple one. To search as much of the area as possible and bring the information back to Askia. He had never seen a land such as this one, truly none of them had. Yet, he somehow had a feeling that they were not alone.

    He did not dare mention these feelings to anyone, for his people had never known of any other than themselves. The notion that there could be others was only heard in the ramblings of the crazy Noathu. Noathu called himself a seer, but everyone else thought that he had eaten one too many Durken Berries. The idea that there could be another people out there was considered the talk of a lunatic. Where would they have come from? After all, everyone knows that the world was void beyond the clouds.

    Well, maybe the shifting of the ground and the opening of the Narrow Wall, may have disproved that as the cloud receded further away. But they were still a surrounded by The Cloud. So what if every day as they continued their journey that The Cloud seemed to move further away revealing more land that is not to be.

    Spoiler :

    Turn 2

    It had been 2 years since they left the land of the Ancients. After reaching the hills all those years ago and making camp they found that they could start over and raise their families. In that time their people began to grow, and the camp became a settlement and the settlement became the first city built by man. Askia felt it was only natural to name it after his firstborn son, Gao.

    Spoiler :

    The band of warriors that separated from Askia had not been heard from in these two years. Askia, has sent out runners from time to time in hope of finding news of their plight, but to no avail. The land has proven to be very unmerciful. For this reason the people of Gao have begun the construction of a monument in honor of these warriors and in honor of the brave and might Askia.

    Unbeknownst to the inhabitants of Gao, the young warriors had learned that they were not alone. That all they had known to be true was taken away from them as quickly as the ground of the Ancients. For deep in the jungles they stumbled upon an encampment of people like they have never seen before.

    Their language, their skin, everything was different. But what stood out the most was their barbarous ways. These, people, these barbarians were vile and wretched. Their clothing and head dresses looked as if they were the remains of human flesh and bone.

    The young warriors had seen battle before in the land of their fathers when factions would rise, but this was totally different to them. So much so, that they did not have time to even consider the bigger picture or the bigger question.

    Where did they come from, and are there yet more out there?

    Spoiler :

    Turns 3-8

    Spoiler :

    Turn 9

    Monument Day has arrived.

    After many months of working around the clock the monument has finally been finished. Askia has given his final inspection and the people of Gao are beginning to fill the city center. What a glorious day it is, yet one cannot help but notice that this day of joyous occasion is also met with sadness and remorse. For dispersed in the crowed are the parents of the young warriors that left their company two Summers ago almost to the day.

    Askia steped up to the platform that has been erected so that he could unveil the monument and speak to the people that have gathered around.

    “Friends, it is with great honor that I speak before you today. May we ever remember the way of the Ancients!”

    The crowd responded in unison, “The Ancients, we will remember!”

    “Today,” Askia continued, “we honor our brave young. Those who went in search of ‘what may never be’. It has been two years, and we have missed them greatly. I for one have not given up on finding these brave warriors. In fact, upon this day I announce to you a new plan. We have learned through trial and error that we must adapt to our surroundings. Even now as I speak we are training a group of men that will be led by my brother, Bouctu. This type of training is specifically for the new environment we find ourselves in. They will travel faster, lighter, and more nimble than that of a band of warriors. However, there is a trade off for their speed and agility. They will not be as heavily armed, but they will be highly trained. These will be our first Scouts.”

    While he continued speaking about the monument and the hard work that had gone in to making it, a man entered the city gates. The man was dressed in animal skin and his face had a scar from just above his eye to the underside of his jaw. Anyone standing by could tell that he was not from this city, yet he looked so familiar. Could he be from the Land of their Fathers? He obviously did not expect to see the site of this city before him, but who could he be?

    Just as Askia pulled the chord that would unveil the monument in the City Center, a cry rang out through the crowd.

    “It’s a sign! They have returned!”

    The still small crowd quickly separated as hushed conversation began to reach a deafening crescendo. Some people were pointing and others were looking on in fear and confusion. Finally the young warrior made his way to the monument site. He too looked as confused as those gathered around. A woman cried out a name of one of their lost warriors and at that name the man stopped, looked around and then came running toward the arms of the one who has spoken.

    Confusion still reigned in the moment and two large men who had appointed themselves as Askia’s personal guards descended upon the young man with such force that he was quickly brought to his knees. However, he somehow broke free of their grip and turned the tides as he swung his club made of bone and teeth and struck one guard in the head and the other in the knee. Askia came running to the confrontation with his own club like weapon drawn read to give what certainly would have been a death blow.

    Quickly the woman known as Therma, came between the young man and Askia and begged the fight to stop. Askia came to a quick halt and reached out to push the woman aside. About that time another man that had not been noticed stood on a rock and cried out in their tongue, “It is we, who have been sent to search! We come with news of a people who are not of us!”

    Suddenly everyone stopped and froze in their own thoughts as they tried to process the weight and meaning of these words. Are these the warriors for whom this monument is erected? Are these two all that is left? There are others who are not of us? What could this mean?

    Askia realized that this news could surely rip his people apart and so quickly he ordered the young man to step down as he himself put way the menacing club that he held in his hand. Then he held his empty hands high and calmed the people promising that they would all soon have answers.

    The guard that was struck in the knee slowly stood with a sneer on his face toward the young man who knocked him down. He was more upset with thoughts of his own humiliation than he was with the young warrior. He and two other men helped carry the guard that had been rendered unconscious with a nasty looking head wound.

    Therma, cam to the young warior and spoke. “Could it be? Do my eyes deceive me? Are you Theon, my son?

    “Yes, mother it is I.”

    “Where is Thornu, your brother?”

    “He, he sleeps.”

    “Sleeps? Speak plain my son.”

    “He sleeps with our father.”

    As Theon reached out to hold his mother, she began to sob over the loss of her son.

    The second man, Rantu, came toward Askia and bowed on one knee while handing him a bag made of deer hide. Taking the bag Askia called for his wife to help Therma. “Therma, I am sorry for your loss, and I know you need to hold your son, but it is important that I find out what has happened. Please, go with my wife while I speak to these brave men.”

    With that, Askia and the two men turned to go to Askia’s dwelling.
  3. Js_9001

    Js_9001 Indefatigable

    Aug 19, 2013
    Who knows?
    Great story!
  4. Silverman6083

    Silverman6083 History-Lover

    Jul 30, 2013
    I'll be honest it's a great story and very well written but I doubt I'll follow only because I don't have the attention span nor patience to read a turn by turn in-depth personal story about a civ game but :goodjob: you write very well :D
  5. Eclipse4449

    Eclipse4449 Deity

    Dec 19, 2006
    Ohio (-5 GMT)

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