What is Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Exoplanets Map Pack? is it just planets presets? (tha


Dec 3, 2021
What is Sid Meier's Civilization: Beyond Earth Exoplanets Map Pack? is it just planets presets? (that you can make yourself with a few clicks?)?

I don't het how are they really unique.
They are also randomly generated.

We have the same biomes without this dlc, so i suppose it is statistically possible to get the same maps?

What is their uniqueness? Do they have quests or something that makes them stand out?


Feb 29, 2020
"The Exoplanets map pack includes six custom maps inspired by real-world exoplanets. Specialized scripts produce randomized geographic layouts each time a new game begins, allowing for even more replayability on new alien worlds.

Maps include:

Kepler 186f: This lush forest planet is one of the oldest known Earth-like planets.
Rigil Khantoris Bb: Orbiting the closest star to the solar system, the historical records of this arid continental planet’s settlement are well-preserved.
Tau Ceti d: This planet of seas and archipelagos features a booming biodiversity and a wealth of resources.
Mu Arae f: Tidally locked in orbit around a weak star, the southern hemisphere of this planet is a blistering desert where the sun never sets, while the northern hemisphere is perpetually in frozen darkness.
82 Eridani e: An alien world of scarce water and wracked by tectonic forces.
Eta Vulpeculae b: A mysterious new discovery with unknown terrain."

I don't know if this will answer your question but I think the maps are are different than the "standard" Protean or Terran or the other maps. Obviously fundamentally the game is the same, so if you expect to feel a completely different experience then I would say these maps will not do it. But they differ enough to be worth playing them, I think. The descriptions are pretty much self explanatory. I would recommend you to try Mu Arae F and see how it is. It creates large zones of snow and you have the opportunity to expand there without AI bothering you. Also a lot of Resource Pods.

Kepler is also nice, with a lot of forests that changes the way you can build stuff and explore, and lots of decisions involved if you want to cut or keep the forests. Eta Vulpeculae tends to be a very large map if you like that kind of thing. And most of them can be exploited in some way to your advantage. For example on Rigil Khantoris you can focus on Terrascapes since they work well in the desert, which this map has a lot. In maps with tundra the mass digester becomes usable. On Eridani you can have a lot of fun with hover units including drones because there's lots of canyons.
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