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What is the Democracy Game?

Discussion in 'Civ2 - Game of Democracy II' started by Duke of Marlbrough, Jul 5, 2002.

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  1. Duke of Marlbrough

    Duke of Marlbrough The Quiet Moderator Retired Moderator

    Jun 23, 2001
    Southern CA, USA
    Hello there, if you've come to this thread your probably wondering what the Democracy game is, well you have come to the right place. All the critical information to this game will be availible for you right here, so let's jump right in shall we?

    First I'll describe the basics of the game to you:

    The game is exactly as it is named, a Democracy, everything is decided by the citizens. They vote, they post ideas, heck, the citizens can even impeach the leaders!

    We play a large-scale (as in, we have many participants) Civilization II game. However, not all of us play the game, in fact only one of us does. We refer to him/her affectionately as the President. The President's job is to physically play the game, and he get's his orders from the cabinet.

    The cabinet is a multi-person group of people who rule over much of the game. They each have there own specific jobs, you can find them here, in our Constitution:

    The Constitution

    Besides dictating the rules of the President, Cabinet, and citizens, the Constitution dictates how the game is ran, make sure you read and understand the rules before anything else, or you will find yourself exiled (I'm only kidding). Remember that the constitution is not cast in stone, changes may be made, but you will know when that happens.

    Okay, so you understand the rules of the game? Good, let's move on to getting yourself started in the game. Follow this link to the Office of the Registry:

    The Official Registry

    In the thread will be all the info you should post, but feel free to omit personal details about yourself, like age or Hometown, also remember that you should only post ONCE in this thread. Edit your post when you want to change something. It reduces clutter and keeps our Census taker happy.

    So now your signed up and ready to go.

    This forum contains the threads for each of the Departments you read about in the constitution. In each of these threads are the specific goals and decisions made by the departments, the President's personal thread is also contained here. The New Turn thread is where you can download and view the newest save games as they are posted, usually it will be accompanied by a summary and a screenshot. There is a simple rule for downloading the game, you may download it and take a look at cities, neighbors, placement of units and such. However, you may NOT, under any cirumstances, play the game. It is a major violation of our constitution, and will be punished accordingly should we find out you violated our constitution (IE: Banned from the forum).

    See those Sticky threads on all the forums? Those are the most important parts of the forum. The government and the moderator will always ensure that things people need to see will be the most visible. Make sure to read ALL the posts that have new messages, you don't want to miss anything!

    So, now that you've read the constitution, Signed up on the registry, read the department threads, read the posts, your probably asking "What should I do next?" Well the answer is simple: Anything: Start a thread demanding an end to trading with a known enemy, post your opinions on a poll, campaign to start a war with a rich neighbor, gather popular support and become the next president, it's up to you.

    Above all though, enjoy yourself!

    Game Information thread

    Thanks to Immortal for writing up the original draft of this post
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