What is the highest difficulty level that allow you to win consistently ?

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  1. pilot00

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    May 21, 2013
    Well, given the right conditions you can loose most of the early wonders and getting out-tecked can be done. Like in my current game, all random except size (huge) and civ (Spain).
    Spoiler :
    I am facing those:

    Greece, Siam, Aztecs, Mongols, Egypt (got his @ss handed to him by Khan i.e. lost his capital), Netherlands, Germany, Ethiopia, France.

    I have a pretty boss starting location (desert, floodplanes with grasslands nearby, a ton of mountains, 3 wales and 1 fish), pretty much can chuck a wonder in 10 turns consistently. Yet before turn 160-200ish I was lagging behind in tech. Selassie had the lead. I kept avoiding interference with city states and DoFs because of the number of aggressive civs and I didn't want to go to war early. At the current time I am locked into a war with Siam and Germany and everyone else with each other. Alliances are made and broken, Peace treaties signed and then burned down and war starts again.

    In my case if Alex and Bismark didn't DoW on Selassie and the entire game didn't degenerate into permanent world war, Selassie would have out-faith and out-tecked us without effort.

    I put it in spoilers for those who are interested, the rest I don't want to bother with a large post :D

    TLDR: It can be done (lose) in king if the AI is given the right conditions. In prince you have to be either inexperienced or reeaaaallyyyyyy unlucky IMHO :)
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    Dec 21, 2005
    same here . Emperor is were i like to play.

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