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What is the state of orbis?


Arty person
Jul 13, 2006
Glasgow, Scotland
with fall further and now rise from erebus shutting up shop, im wondering if orbis is still going? Is this mod still being developed/new features added?

or failing that, is it still being maintained to stay mostly bug-free?

if not that, is the final version stable and fully functional?
Orbis, the way I've always remembered it, is the venerable stable FfH modmod that doesn't update or change, and (usually) doesn't have many bugs.

RiFE used to be the not-quite-so-stable frequently updated modmod, which despite that I still prefer to play and tweak occasionally because it's module loader makes making changes much more easier.

Master of Mana... while I can't say I like personally for any number of gripes I have with it (not least of which is still the mostly undocumented and broad-sweeping changes to the economy) is somewhere in between.
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