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What is the white star by the city's name?


Sep 6, 2007
Ur Sorry Ass
I am playing BTS. I have seen the white star in enemy's city often. Does it mean that city has built some special building?
It means that its a holy city.
When you found ( or the AI founds ) a religion it randomly picks a city and makes that the holy city. ( I think XD )
nah, holy city is a yellow star. ;)
it means that it counts as a capital so either forbidden palace or versailes.
Agree - white star is a palace of some kind (Palace, Forbidden Palace, Or Versailles).
Yeah, axident's got it right:
White Star= Center of Government (i.e. Forbidden Palace, Versailles)
Population Number in Star= Capital of Civ

In the Religious Advisor's screen, a gold star after the City's name denotes Capital, while White Star means the same thing. Gold Star to the upper right of a religious icon indicates the holy city of that religion.
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