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What is your opening like ?

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Strategy & Tips' started by WackenOpenAir, Oct 26, 2016.

  1. WackenOpenAir

    WackenOpenAir Deity

    Sep 16, 2003
    Eindhoven, the Netherlands
    It is important that we contact as many CSes ASAP and get those imbalanced free envoys with as many as we can. So we need units.

    Barbs are a serious threat so we need units. (although once you get the hang of killing their scouts before they return to camp, it doesnt really seem all that bad.)

    While in earlier civs, getting settlers out ASAP and keep cranking as many as you can was key to growing a phenomenal empire, civ5 gave us reasons to hold back a bit and often wait till our city was size 3 or even size 4 before building our first settler. Civ6 seems to revert back to the old ways a bit. We want settlers asap.

    We need workers to make improvements for eureka bonusses. (im so used to stealing pretty much all my workers in civ5, i dont really know when i want to build them)

    Are early monuments worth it ?

    So, how many units do you think we should start out with ?
    My current impression is that scout-slinger-settler is a decent opening. Since early gold seems to be pretty good i civ6, i try to buy my first worker.

    After this, in the few games i played, i could push to keep building settlers, but each time it seemed there wasnt much space to settle anyway. My impression is that while in the early civs, early expansion was only limited by your own food/production, in civ5 it was limited by happiness and in civ6 it seems to be limited by space. I find that a bit unfortunate espescially because it is not something that would easilly be balanced in patches, at best maybe in an expansion.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2016
  2. manu-fan

    manu-fan Emperor

    Sep 20, 2006
    I went Scout->Slinger->Monument in my latest game.

    After reading stuff on the forums, I will now go:

  3. dtfauss

    dtfauss Chieftain

    Oct 25, 2016
    3.Builder or Settler or Slinger (depending on situation)
  4. CrimsonEdge

    CrimsonEdge Warlord

    Aug 25, 2006
    It depends on my early units in the civ. I find myself playing Rome a lot, so...

    1. Scout
    2. Slinger
    3. Slinger
    4. Settler
    5. Builder
    6. Settler
    7. Builder
    8. Archer

    There is a little bit of change here. I may go for a spearman instead of a third settler if I notice barbarians with horses. If the 8th/9th thing I build is not an Archer it usually means something is going terribly wrong.
  5. juanpavo

    juanpavo Warlord

    Nov 23, 2010
    Silicon Valley
    Yes, same for me. Monument in capital usually not in first 5 builds. Too much other stuff to deal with.
  6. Xylon666Darksta

    Xylon666Darksta Chieftain

    Sep 26, 2014
    As Germans:
    1. Scout
    2. Scout
    3. Slinger
    4. Scout/Builder (usually I buy this or trader)
    5. Settlers all.

    I aggressively hunt barb camps w/ warrior, later on, warr/slinger. Easy enough to do w/civic combat strength boost, and is good boost of gold and removes horse barb concerns later. To a degree, should work fine with other civs too. (Works fine as Americans for me as my other civ)

    Depending on start, may push for Stonehenge in Emp or below games for tithe/+% follower production religion for the mass hansa/commerce bonuses life for cities.

    At deity however, the first build above works sound. More slingers as needed if civs close around. Works very clean for me.
  7. Qin Shi Hung

    Qin Shi Hung Chieftain

    Oct 24, 2016
    I don't like scouts, they're a gamble that might payoff big, or not at all.

    I prefer to start with a builder, then slingers (# depending on difficulty, neighbors, barbarians, etc), then a second builder, then settlers.

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