What leader is best for me?


Mar 22, 2006
Simply put: I like to build build build a strong economy and have large strong cities with almost every city improvement built. I like to maintain peace as long as possible. Once I am large enough in the modern ages I go all military - and conquest is the only victory I worry about. But its the ultra-important infostructure for me early on.
Early game sounds Protective/Financal leader....late Aggro/Financial leader....>>

(I forget names for them, though....bad memory when tired)
Financial is good for economy, and Creative, Organized & Expansive traits give the best discounts for buildings. So I would recommend any combinations of these. Examples:

Darius - Financial & Organized
Zara Yaqob - Creative & Organized
Willem van Oranje - Financial & Creative
Pacal - Financial & Expansive
Well, Charismatic is my favorite war-monger trait, but if you're waiting until late to go to war, then it's probably not as good. You get the most value from Cha when you have a good number of veteran troops with massive promotions. Agg might not be any good either, since you're probably using more armored units than gunpowder units for late-game conquests.

I'd suggest The Dutch. Cre/Fin is a really nice combo, and Dikes will greatly boost your late-game production.
i'd say Financial/Charismatic (Hannibal), one of my favorite combinations

Definitely. Financial will give you an economic advantage, and charismatic will allow for larger cities. The cothon will help your economy also, especially with open orders.
what i like about Cha is that it isn't just for warmongering, the 1-2 happiness will also help you in peacetimes.

it is by far my favorite trait.

Brennus (Spi/Cha) is also a nice combination (with unrestricted leaders ;)), especially on slower speeds as anarchy hits you hard on marathon.
Um, he said he likes to maintain peace for as long as possible.

I'd say Pacal II for financial and expansive. Cheap granaries and harbors and a UB that will give you extra happiness. Who needs charismatic when this building will already give you +2 :)

The UU is early but maybe just use it to ward off barbs if you don't want to go to war - you don't need copper so you can build it straight away.
yup, agree with pacal and hannibal

mehmed is pretty nice too
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