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what live is most important?

Please be more concise in threads, tell people what your referring to, we aern't mindreaders. ;)

I'll give you a chance to explain.
I can only agree with Alcibiaties.

If your question is what is the most important thing in life (for us), then my answer is: my family, friends and my basic values and beliefs.
I don't know. I really don't know. I really just don't know... ;)

The problem is that if I would have to sacrifice my life for a member of my family or a friend it would probably be some emergency case. In these cases people act accroding to what they feel that very moment. Ofcource I can sy I would but if something like that will happen, I have no idea I would react.
I wonder if it would be best for me to sacrifice myself for my family, or if this would in fact make them so unhappy that it would be best for us all to go together.
I like to think that I would, but, as G-Man pointed out, I wouldn't really be sure unless I was put in such a situation.
I would scarifice myself for my spouse, children or grand children, but not my parents or grandparents. The reasons should be obvious.

As for nieces and nephews, probably. Siblings and cousins... depends. I'm single with no children, so I'd take it for one who is married and/or has children.
I guess I would go out for my family.
But it is not going to be around forever, realistically, and then I will have none. So I will have nothing to sacrifice for in that sense, as I personally will never have a family.
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