What minor changes would you like to see?

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  1. LethalLeigh

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    Feb 5, 2016
    Mine would be the Ability to Rotate things in game when placing them.
    To be able to rotate the direction your wonders face. EG
    I hate it when I build the Colossus, and instead of facing out to sea with an ever lasting gaze upon approaching ship as a warning. He is facing a cliff face like a naughty student told to face the wall as punishment for misbehaving. OR
    I build Huey Teocalli and the walk way to the font of it, leads into the middle of the lake. Also to be able to rotate National Park diamonds.Why do they all have to be straight up and down? can't they be on a diagonal or left to right diamond as well?

    What small changes would you like to see?
  2. PhoenicianGold

    PhoenicianGold Emperor

    Jan 30, 2018
    There are a few "off" things about structures that I think could be tweaked in a third expack.

    The Acqueduct Problem

    I would remake the acqueduct district into "Water Main." Give it acqueduct and reservoir buildings, maybe a treatment plant. Make the bath a Roman UB and the Baray the Khmer UB. Make the prasat another universal shrine. In its current state the acqueduct is a district that only does the function of an improvement, and given that there is design space to make it a district, I think it should lean into it.

    Arenas and Stadia are Basically the Same

    The Entertainment Complex represents so much missed potential. Two stadia and a zoo? That's not entertaining, and not every modern civ obsesses over football/futbol. There are other fandoms.

    So I would expands the third building slot of entertainment Complexes to include some specialized buildings. Keep the stadium (amenities), but also include a concerthall (culture), a theme park (tourism), a zoo (conservation). Replace the zoo with something like a rec center (a gymnasium, perhaps?) to better mesh with the Hungarian UB. Or if Hungary didn't exist reserve the zoo unique for a menagerie.

    Fix the Water Park to reflect this change. Rename it the Boardwalk. Tier one: pierfront. Tier two: aquatics center. Tier three: aquarium, water park.

    Revamp Late Game Districts

    In fact, generally the third buildings of certain districts are underpowered, so adding choices might make them relevant. Make the third building slot of campuses have specialized labs. Bio lab (health), chem lab (luxuries), physics lab (science). Add an arthouse (tourism) and a dance ground (faith) to the theatre square, and reassign loyalty bonuses to the film studio. Incorporate the oil and nuclear power plants into the industrial zone, which I think has been confirmed to be happening. Each district is so unidimensional that if you abandon a victory goal halfway through you have no incentive to build out; but giving them late game options would allow you to pivot better.

    Maintain Diversity Between Uniques

    Oh, and also replace the winged hussar with the uhlan, now that Hungary also has hussars. I don't like it when the devs get lazy and start repeating similar variants of units/buildings.

    A similar problem exists between Rome and Hungary, but I'm having trouble finding a way to redo the acqueduct unique to make room for the thermal baths.
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  3. spouter

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    Nov 17, 2016
    i started to write then realized most of it is being covered by mods... but i cant stand the wonders like Cliffs of Dover or Dead Sea that just cant be of use unless i could with a builder enhance the hex further. so for me its wonder placement and wonders that just dont equal each other, no thank you Spear of Fionn? so really the minor thing for me would be Wonder balancing and if a wonder is a smaller payload let us work that hex. i would make major and minor wonders, and allow the minors to be worked...

    in addition i cant stand how the game seeds the player in relation to the AI civs. as a game option i would like it all spread out more - this is personal play style hence the game option - and see the game not seed my neighbors from me, but rather from the farthest edge of the map... i dont want anyone close to me and i remember in civ4 there was a scheisseload more room on a huge map. no matter the map size in civ6 its as if the ai places computer civs from me (like i am the hub to the spoke, where i want the tire rim to be where they are placed, make sense?).
  4. gozon

    gozon Chieftain

    Oct 15, 2017
    Give early buildings like arenas, amphitheaters, shrines, etc an at least visual upgrade based on civilizations and/or eras. It's weird to see China building Greco-Roman style theater (amusingly Chinese translation in-game has the amphitheater as "Ancient Roman Theater"), or any civ having knights fighting each other in arenas at atomic era.

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