What plans would you make for Delhi in this scenario?

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    I am trying to move up to prince after frequent successes on Noble... so I started a continents map... Large, Epic... I'm playing as Ghandi...

    I've met both Shaka and QSH, but I haven't actually found their cities yet...

    My scouting warrior got killed pretty quickly by a lion, even though he had 100% health, Woodsman I and was in some trees... the second warrior didn't do much better... got whacked by a bear almost as soon as he started... so I don't have much view of the map right now...

    I've teched to BW, AH, and archery... I'm close to Wheel... I have one worker and a settler... so now I find myself trying to make some strategic plans going forward...

    On Noble, I usually get a lot of forests in the BFC... and I try to focus the capital on Science / Commerce... typically I go with Oxford / Natl-park... however, given that Shaka (and ultimately conflict) is so close... and I have such an amazing location with all that food, I'm seriously considering going down the path of making Delhi a production city... so HE and probably Moai...

    Assuming I can grab some jungle just east of Delhi, perhaps make it the commerce center?

    How would you focus Delhi in this start? Thoughts?

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