What the Heck is that!!!!!!


The Great Emporer
Feb 18, 2002
Hey how come my game looks a lot different then the game on the box or on this site the grapics are a lot different and the options are changed. Is this because i have a newer version of the game or something.:( :cool:
There are some graphic changes you can download from the Customation forums that make the game better visually IMO. My recommendations:
1. Snoopy's Graphics
2. Tidier railroads
3. Citizen badges (makes it easier to tell how many happy/unhappy people you have).
4. Easy to spot resources (I don't have this one, but may be nice for those who have a difficult time finding resources on the map).

The graphics on the box the game came in is mostly from when the game was very early in it's development.
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