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[BNW] What to do as Sweden

Discussion in 'Civ5 - Strategy & Tips' started by Darth Tribble, Jan 29, 2018.

  1. Darth Tribble

    Darth Tribble Friendly Neighborhood Conqueror

    Oct 14, 2013
    United States
    In my current game, I am Sweden on Continents. I'm doing pretty well with 3 cities. I'm ahead of everyone else in just about every area except military and size of territory. I'm trying to play peacefully, and being on the northern portion of the continent, with City States as my only neighbors in my immediate vicinity and the land is mostly tundra, that isn't hard to do. I'm friends with Washington, and he has the weakest military on the continent. I'm roughly equal with everyone else. Everyone else is also neutral with me, as I'm far enough away, that there haven't been any issues when it comes to contested borders or competing for city-states.

    I'm debating about how to approach the game now. I could try and conquer a few city states or backstab George once our DoF expires. I'm also considering oversea colonization once I acquire the tech to do so.

    Should I try to pick a fight, or just live in peace for as long as I can?
  2. claudiupb

    claudiupb King

    Dec 29, 2014
    As a general rule don't conquer city states. It is never a good idea, you get a huge warmongering penalty and the benefits of allying the CS are very good so keep them around. Plus is some AI conquers them you can liberate them for a huge decrease in warmonger penalty and a guaranteed CS ally.
    Now playing Sweden, especially don't conquer city states, you have a bonus for allying them, AND a bonus for declaration of frienships (which you will never get if you conquer city states). Ideally you will want to get 2-3 DOF and try to maintain them until Ideologies. A 30% increase in GP is very good.
    So my advice is to work on diplomacy. Get into wars if some AI asks (you might get a declaration of friendship with that AI), but don't conquer any cities just kill their troops and gift the great generals to city states for alliances. In the mean time just rack up your science and once ideologies come into play you can pretty much sweep the map.
  3. hr_oskar

    hr_oskar Deity

    Jun 21, 2002
    I love Sweden because a) it's not cheesy and overpowered and b) the UA is potentially quite good but making great use of it is a challenge by itself. The UU's suck, you just have to live with that.

    The strategies I see with Sweden is mainly two:

    1. Aim for diplomatic victory. Settle good food sites and focus on GP generation. Tradition 4 cities is probably the best opener. Go for Patronage second. The Aesthetics opener may be worth picking up, because the plan is to gift writers, artists and musicians to ally CS's. Try to stay on good terms with the AI and get DoF's. This could get interesting (and possibly quite strong) on larger maps, allowing you to get more DoF's and therefore an even larger bonus to GP generation.

    2. The UA can be quite useful in a domination game, allowing you to exchange extra generals and admirals for CS influence. Obviously there are many civ's around that are much more powerful for domination, but Sweden can be an interesting non-cheesy choice. Or if you just get it as a random and feel like being aggressive.

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