What to do, what to do?

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  • Wait for all eternity for them to come back

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  • Politely PM them, hoping they read it

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  • Vote in New Officials

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Nov 14, 2001
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What are we to do? Many elected officials are slacking, not doing anything. I can understand the Science Minister, he has nothing to do currently. But Certain Governors, Military advisors and Foreign Ministers aren't holding polls. I haven't even seen them in here a while.

I really must say this much, as a citizen, because our elected officials aren't doing anything. And some weren't even elected! We had no polls. There was no poll to say "other". There is no deputy.
I think this is the job of the President (or interim President, in this case) because he is the head of the government, and therefore should be the one responsible for keeping it moving.
Our Resident Sadist shld be taking out his whip and whipping his minions into performing their anointed tasks! :mwaha:

And he shld be whipped too, for disappearing on us! :D

Sixchan, hurry up with your game and fix it!

The situation is dire, several cabinet members are gone!

Here is a few I shall point out: Governors: Dell19, Emperor Snefix Military: adamsj Foreign: Spycatcher

Edit- Pellaken, perhaps you should be deputy Governor of Deimos and Luna. Corn will have to approve however

Sixchan, hurry up with your game and fix it!

The situation is dire, several cabinet members are gone!

Here is a few I shall point out: Governors: Dell19, Emperor Snefix Military: adamsj Foreign: Spycatcher
Originally posted by Pellaken
to be serious, I can take any positions that you guys want me to. I will not capmaign for them, but if you need "someone" to do this or that, I'd be willing.
Well, I did need someone to pay my taxes for me this yr. :) And also my shoes are a bit dirty; will someone pls lick them clean? :D
Originally posted by Pellaken
I'll take those positions. I have 10 more minutes online tonight, but I'll be back within 12 hours. if I have the resourses I need {are gov's susposta get the game?} then I'll complete my assigned tasks.

HOLD ON! We have to have a discussion, which includes Cornmaster about this. Yes, govs. do get the game.
no no no, I just ment that after I hear back from CMaster, that I'll take any position that needs to be taken. I'd hope I get a responce within 24 hours. that should be enough time for our wayward cabinet to return

according to my quackulations:
10 of 13 officials are not doing thier job for whatever reason. deputies need to take on thier jobs, for example, if hippo aint here, then kev should take over
Some of the newly elected guys are new. Give them a break. ;)

But first of all, we'll need Sixchan to report in first. Even if he can't play, he can at least direct things to be done since we've anointed him with the powers to do things.
Our Military Advisor isn't here!

adamsj, hasn't been here since Feb8, and he hasn't posted in this forum for over a month!

THIS administration is the most corrupted term so fa5r, doesn't say much of what is to come... with our limited number of deticated players...

I think adamsj went back to Apolyton to play their democracy game, so, ...
Well, then it's up to Sixchan or CM to decide on what to do.

That said; it's probably to be expected that game participation will go down. Just look at our citizens' list and see how many are active participants. ;)
As foreign deputy, it's my duty to take the foreign ministry in charge, but as soon as I find someone who wants it, I will resign too. I've got a lot of work at school, and foreign ministry is not my job. Posting map and poll about city placement was the job for me. Negociating with other civ on a high level is surely not something I'm good at. So anyone interested? it is an open spot.
I think we should redo the elections, and this time, not rush them.

Spy and others, don't quit just yet, we need to get things fixed, it seems that when I left office everything went nuts, but we certainly can repair it with a little patience, planning and organization, and I can certainly provide all three. ;)

People should be having fun doing what they are best at, so here is where we begin:

Tell me what you like to do best, and we shall reform the empire's government, right here and right now. :cool:
Well now we have the time to work this through

First of all ,there is not SO much need for reformation ,it is all dependant on the different department's.

The science and exploration department:
Are in their working pretty fun i think.As far as i know ,it seems that Sixchan has enjoyed his position as science leader ,so did Unknown soldier or Animepornstar like their position as exploration advisor.

gouvernor's and city production:
The biggist problem ,because they have to hold a lot of poll's and don't get anything back.therefore they need the most reformation.
And i have a proposition:

Opposed to holding a thread for each city ,the gouvernor's will hold 1 poll for the whole province ,in wich they give they give the following option's: build millitary ,improve infrastructure ,expand trade ,improve science ,expansion.At the end of the poll ,the leader will asses the input and will decide what to build where for the city's they govern ,and adress his decission's to the pres.if he doesn't follow the general trend of demand the voter's may not vote for him next ellection's.
Wonder's will become a presidential decission.

The trade department:
Yeah what about it? I never see it doing anything.I suggest we should open a discussion on the use of it and if we find it interresting refine his duty's again.We could slip the trade decission's to an official ,like the pres himself.

1 extra officiall: the screenshot taker man (or other name)
He will take all screenshot's nessecary for the public and post them in a screenshot thread.he will only post the adivory screen's and the general map section's.By default no city screen's will be taken except if he want's to ,people can get all the information they need from the advisory screen's.
This leave's all the screenshot problem's behind and seriously cut's the work for some leader's 2. (oh and i nominate myself for this job)

The diplomatic and millitary department:
They could need some refinment to ,anybody suggestion's?
Or do you think there are problem's in these department's?
I need some feedback from previous leader's on that.

I have a lot of idea's on refinement to make the game much more fun for leader's ,but wait for the rest tommorow because i am almost falling asleep and am really tired of typing.

A demani
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