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Apr 17, 2006
Atlanta, GA
This is my 2nd serious attempt at Monarch; my first got eaten by the 'cannot uncompress' monster, probably due to the diversica mod I was trying out (cool mod but frustrating to lose my game :( ) I was doing well on that game too but was about where I am now: what to do next.

I am playing Bodicea. Big and Small, and I'm on a continent with Roosevelt, Monty, Ragnar. Genghis was there too for a short while; something bad happened to him :mischief: I made a buddy of America right off, had a great trading partner for a while until an apostolic vote came up to go to war with him. I said no but got forced into it :( ever since I've been pretty much at constant war with monty or ragnar, and now Justinian across the sea. I should note that at least 2 more votes came up later to declare war on Roosevelt, and I defied both these times. Had some happiness penalties but not worth losing the one ally I had, imo.

I got stonehenge early since I had planned on expanding early and it seemed to fit in well with Bodi's traits. I didn't go wonder crazy but I got angkor wat along with it, and put university of sankore in my great person farm with all those scientists. I also got the Taj Mahal, and the corresponding golden age helped to rebuild my economy after peace finally broke out; I even used one of my great priests to tag another golden age along after it. I was also the first to Liberalism (though close, I had Roosevelt 1 turn behind, was using espionage to keep track) and I chose Military Tradition, maybe not hte best choice but I am expecting another war soon and wanted to get some Calvary up, and it was the most beakers of the choices available.

I am currently researching Democracy, after which I will probably cottege over some farms, esp in my capital. My main cities are:

Bibracte: Capital, running merchants and cotteges atm. I have some forests left and was thinking of putting national park here and oxford

Telosa: GP Farm, had the national epic and moai statues and other stuff in it but left it with low defense and it got knocked out by a quick amphibious assault. I took it back next turn but the damage was done.

Vienne: military city, has heroic epic and a few settled GGs. Unfortunately, it doesn't have confucianism because I had made some missionaries to spread it around for Theocracy and I made taoism by mistake. I forgot to rectify it, oops

Karakorum: Commerce city, going to put Wall street here, maybe oxford too if I don't put it in capital, don't really know yet, I might put oxford still in Telosa instead of statues too. *shrugs*

Various other cities for resources. I razed quite a few but some were in ok spots so I kept them.

Anyway, I'm #2 on the score list atm (not that that means much) and trying to figure out where to go next. My wars have gone badly for me, for the most part. I've built up huge stacks just to have them catapulted down when trying to invade and wiped out by monty and ragnar (either together or separate, both have happened :( ). I have better units on the whole but they seem to have soo many to throw back at me. I was thinking domination but these guys have stymied me so much I'm not so sure now. Space race is still feasible I think too, especially if I switch to Monty's religion and get him and rags to attack roosevelt again.

Anyway, this is the point in most my games where I sit back and am like 'what the heck do I do now'. On prince I can usually squirm my way through but not so sure on Monarch. Attached game is below, criticism is more than welcome, I know I've made quite a few mistakes, especially in the midgame. I usually start out very meticulous in the beginning (moving citizens around and counting hammers) but as my empire grows I tend to get lazy and this is what you get heh.


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Build more cities! I saw at least 3-4 decent placements of cities which you should have built centuries ago. A food resource should always have a city working it. (build a courthouse and make cottages around it a and it will start paying for itself) If you had done that you would be way a head of Roosevelt in both research and production for sure. (You seem to be equal now, but you have lots of unworked land)

Roosevelt is your closest Rival and should be treated as such. Plan to invade him not Monty :D Building the mentioned cities and getting Infantry/Artillery should do the trick. Or you could just build peacefully for a spaceship win. Both are possible from this save. ;)
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