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What to research now?!

Discussion in 'Civ3 Strategy Articles' started by amirsan, Nov 3, 2004.

  1. amirsan

    amirsan King of all Kings

    Dec 17, 2002
    NYC to Connectcut...
    This article has been written by me, at Strategic Command Center about chosing the right path when starting your research.

    I've heard this question quite a lot lately from players that have just been promoted to Monarch and above levels. It's a pretty good question though; I asked it myself many times before. "What tech should I research???"

    Well you know what? It all depends. Your situation, you civ specific abilities, your UU, your opponents; its all part of a formula you must experiment with. Those little things affect what tech to start researching. Your first tech may take you out of a pit hole you may find when playing on Deity or even Emperor.

    Lets see how our starting techs help. In this scenario I decided to play the Greeks. They are Scientific and Commercial, right? So that means they start with level 1 Bronze Working and level 1 Alphabet. In higher levels it is most important to start researching a Lvl. 2 technology. In our case, our level two tech is Iron Working and Writing. In many people’s belief, starting a level two tech has something more to offer then starting another level one tech like Pottery or Ceremonial Burial, which most other nations have.

    My most logical technology to start in this scenario is Writing. Why? First, it opens uo more useful and expensive technologies after that. Second, it’s the most valuable second level technology. Thirdly, even if you opponents are Comm. and have the same advantage of getting it first, they usually don’t start with Writing and rather research other techs like Pottery and Bronze Working. We could also start with Iron Working but in my past experience, getting it first is very little chance.

    Lets look at the other aspect of the first technology. Your situation; lets say we are still the Greeks and start with a great 4 BG (bonus grassland) start with hills and a nice river passing by and a couple of plains and grasslands. Great start right!? But where’s the bonus food? It will take you about more than 10 turns just to build a settler without a Granary, pretty long compared to 4 turns for a settler huh. Well if your not expansionist and have a start without real good food bonuses then 100% science to Pottery is the way to go.

    Another tip, when playing on Deity, the AI tend to get pretty far ahead of you in techs and the way to stay with them or at least less than 5 techs behind is by saving your money and purchasing your techs. That’s why when starting you need to keep you science at minimum so you will have enough to buy a tech while you research another. Hope this has helped you guys just entering the high levels. Don’t forget; if you practice and experiment you get the hang of it.

    By Amirsan
    I am a writer and webmaster of a fansite for Civilization called Strategic Command Center. More articles written by me and others can be found here at our University .
  2. Longasc

    Longasc Chieftain

    Jun 18, 2003
    Well said!

    As this is an article, I would say, expand it with Philosophy Slingshot strategy to Republic or expand it to a bit more general advice about all eras.

    This is really useful advice. I usually go for writing, too, the pottery thingy was quite new to me.

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