What TV Shows Are You Watching? The 9th Is - Excuse Me - A Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee

If you haven't already watched Chernobyl, Mare of Easttown, Station Eleven and The Last of Us, I recommend all of those.
Oh yeah, I mean I've had HBO plenty in the past, so I've seen Mare and Station. Chernobyl I will check out if I have time. Last of Us seemed good but I'm just over that genre for now. I was hoping Mare would get another season, but maybe they never intended it to be more than a season. Oh, need to finish Pennyworth too.
Or you can wait until 2025, when Severance s2 comes around :)
If you watched nothing but season 1 of Severance until season 2 comes out, and if you watched 1 episode a night, you could watch it between 44 and 85 times. That's provided the psychiatric facility you were involuntarily committed to after the first 30 or 40 rewatches had Apple TV+, of course. :)
My flatmate recently got a trial subscription to Funimation, so I've been busy binge watching My Hero Academia. I'm still only partway through season three.
Been binge watching Taskmaster seasons 1-12 so far. Early seasons are 5 episodes iirc.

Looks like our cousin is going to do Red Dwarf. She's 23.

Going to rewatch The New Statesman already done bottom somewhat recently.
Looking forward to watch the new Daily Wire movie!
5 seasons already?
I only watched Fargo s1. It was ok, but imo not as good as the movie. The ending was decent, I liked that they included the riddle to indirectly present that the main character, while silent and unassuming, could think - at least could think more than the dumb cop.
Fargo S5 and The Doll Factory.
Weekly releases are a pain. I'm waiting for at least 4 or 5 episodes before I start watching.
Yeah, I prefer to binge two episodes each viewing.

I like S1 almost as much as I like the Coens original film. Billy Bob Thornton was a formidable antagonist. His character had that inevitability & fatalism about him, that is also the signature of Javier Bardem's Anton Chigurh in No Country For Old Men. S3 was really good as well. S5 is shaping up well too (2 episodes in) and they are really going overboard with references to Nordic sounding names with this one. I can't help feel the inspiration from both the original film (two hired goons clumsy attempt to kidnap a 'housewife') and... Renny Harlin's The Long Kiss Goodnight. ;)
The Fargo series has actually been around for some years now....they've skipped some years here and there. Gotta catch up on it as I've only seen the first 3 seasons. This one looks good.

I'll probably start Monarch this weekend. Just finished up All the Light that You Can't See. It was pretty good. The main actress is legally blind and had no formal training when she won the global audition.
I was all prepared to 'complain' that Apple TV+ is dropping new episodes of everything on Wednesday nights, but when s3 of Slow Horses premiered last night, they moved Monarch and For All Mankind to Friday nights. I like to space new episodes od different shows out, but I also feel compelled to watch new eps as soon as they're available. Asking me to exercise self-discipline is just rude. :lol: I would've liked to see the three shows spaced out across the week, but 2 on one night is okay (and I don't mind staying up late on Friday).


I read an interview with the writer & director of The Changeling. The writer had just submitted her script for season 2 to the producers, although she couldn't or wouldn't say whether a season 2 has officially been greenlit. Fingers crossed.


Weekly releases are a pain. I'm waiting for at least 4 or 5 episodes before I start watching.
I kind of like the ol' fashioned 1 ep a week. Having whole series drop at one time completely foils any sense of anticipation, and in my experience it all but prevents discussion of the show with friends. (Interestingly, it also seems to stymie discussion of those series on the tv podcasts I listen to. I actually think that, from a marketing perspective, dropping all episodes at once is a massive unforced error. Shows that take weeks to unfold generate word of mouth and become fodder for "water cooler" talk.

and... Renny Harlin's The Long Kiss Goodnight. ;)
I love that movie. :thumbsup:

Anyone watching Monarch? Is it remotely approachable for someone who doesn't watch any Godzilla media?
I am, and yes. In fact, anyone tuning into Monarch expecting Godzilla: The Series will be sorely disappointed. It focuses entirely on the human characters. Titans - this franchise's term for kaiju - appear onscreen for maybe 2 minutes total in the first three episodes. And the human characters are all new. iirc, only one of them even appears in any of the films.

Just finished up All the Light that You Can't See. It was pretty good. The main actress is legally blind and had no formal training when she won the global audition.
I know that's been getting mid reviews, but I liked the book. It's on my list of things to watch the next time I sub to Netflix.
Streaming where?
According to JustWatch, none of the services have it as part of their streaming catalogue, but it's rentable VOD at all of the usual places.

(Images, not spoilers. Or, at least, I don't think they're spoilers.)

Ella Purnell
Spoiler :

Walton Goggins
Spoiler :

Brotherhood of Steel - The Vanity Fair article says the airship is the 'Caswennan.'
Spoiler :

What happened to that netflix adaptation of @Synobun 's favorite novel, the 3bodyproblem?
I only watched something like 15-20 episodes of the chinese adaptation, which was good but I can't watch so many episodes without losing interest in a story I didn't particularly like reading in the first place.

Not bad. The trailer, I mean. A lot of winks & nods to players of the games. I like its sense of humor. SFX look pretty good. Seems like it has some light gore. If it really is more like The Boys and less like that LotR series (see? I can't even remember the name without looking it up), then this could be great.
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