What will Civ 6 be like for someone who hasn't played since Civ 3?

Discussion in 'Civ6 - General Discussions' started by Eran of Arcadia, May 11, 2016.

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    Hi, I'm Eran of Arcadia. You may remember me from such forums as Off Topic and . . . well, that's it.

    Believe it or not, I used to play this game. Civ 2 and 3, specifically. Also SMAC. Don't even remember why I stopped, I had some good times.

    But I'm way behind the curve. What are some major features that are likely to appear in the latest installment that weren't there in 3, and how do they work? I'm vaguely aware that they got rid of the "veteran" designation and replaced it with some sort of promotion system for military units, and that religion is involved . . . somehow? Is culture still a thing? Did they introduce any new victory conditions? What might I expect in 6?
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    CiVI is anyone's guess.

    CiV had domination victory (last one in charge of original capital), science (like CiV3), culture/tourism, and diplomacy (like Civ3). It had a separate counter for religion.

    Tiles are hex, not square.

    CiV was 1 Unit per Tile. CiVI will be 1 Unit per Tile except armies.

    Culture grew out city one square at a time.

    They introduced ranged units, that attacked and did not take damage. They were OP in CiV.

    Natural Wonders (a tile on the map that gave very large bonuses, e.g. Mt. Sinai).

    National Wonders; you have to build a pre-requisite building in every city.

    Incremental Penalties for each city you built (in science, culture, and happiness). The CiV optimal empire size was four cities.

    Great People that you get mainly by putting specialists in special buildings.

    Barbarians from Encampments, not goody huts.

    No tech/ science trading.

    Civs are much more different from each other than Civ 3.

    Acken (RezoAcken on Youtube) has some very good lets plays.

    Good luck!
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    To early to tell what civ 6 holds it was just announced today but i'd look at some civ 5 lets plays to see what civ 5 is about. most likely there going to take features from the latest civ game

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