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What would be in your Survival Kit (two scenerios)

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by Narz, Feb 17, 2006.

  1. Sparta

    Sparta Emperor

    Sep 25, 2003
    :lol: Sounds good! :thumbsup: I'll add 'supplies to make a still' to my list now. ;)
  2. MattJek

    MattJek King

    Oct 21, 2005
    2. A deck of a cards, I'll win whatever I need from the other kids :D
  3. storealex

    storealex In service of peace

    Jul 22, 2003
    I have acces to everything I need already:

    Food, water, shelter

    Spade, Swiss Army knife, large knife, watercontainer, a colt rifle, lot's of warm clothes, ABC suit, lot's of jeeps and a radio.

    Only thing I don't know how to use is the jeeps (Yes, I can't drive yet :( )
  4. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    1 - Be a penny pincher and as much food for as little money ($5 max) for 1 week.

    2 - Guns, and gas wouldn't last long. Ammo would run out fairly quickly, and after a few months, or year of fighting, if any, guns would malfunction. If nothing electrical worked, then gas wouldn't be of much use for cars (newer ones) and such. The only thing it might be good for is helping to start a fire. Even then, it would be like gold. The best tools for hunting would probably be a spear, and a bow & arrow. If you can find steel, or iron, then that would make for a better spear (or pike), or sword if you can forge one - you might need the gas for that one. The 3 most important parts to survival is food, clothing, shelter.

    Food - Since all conviences would be out, food in stores - except for non-perishables will have spoiled. There's a chance there will be mobs at the stores either stealing food, or gaurding it, so it would be too dangerous. The best bet is probably making spears/bow & arrow and go hunting in the woods.

    Clothing - Again, stores will probably be a mob scene, then abandoned houses. If you already have clothes, a simple deer-skin coat (if you're up north) might be fine if it's too dangerous to scavange for a normal coat.

    Shelter - I saw this from a girl scout or boy scout site (or a book) where they showed different types of shelters in nature. The most common are little valleys that you can through a piece of scrap-metal over (alreadly has 2 sides), or a hill/cliff which serves the same purpose. On "Survivor Man" on the Discovery Channel, the guy found a partially fallen tree laying diagonally on another tree/rocky outcrop. All that was needed was material drapped over it - leaves and twigs.

    I suppose if you had to "get up and go" (money really wouldn't be worth much after a disaster...)...

    Take a few pots/pans -- with lids -- for cooking (they can be weapons (clubs), too).
    Cooking knife (for cutting food that you hunted - could be a hunting weapon)
    Maybe a few utensils, a few gallon milk jugs - or other plastic containers if you're not that lucky to have a milk jug or two handy).
    Plastic shower curtain. This could double as both a bag, and a temporary tent.
    Lots of string for tying things, like your shower-curtain-bag.
    Battaries if you have them - could attempt to short curcuit them to start a fire. (Not sure if this is effective)
    Claw-Hammer, screwdriver and nails - Not quite for building materials, but they may be useful tools for hunting...
    Something iron, if you have it, but it may be heavy.
  5. FriendlyFire

    FriendlyFire Codex WMDicanious

    Jan 4, 2002
    Living in dense urban area. Survival would be very problematic.
    Even relocating to the developed farmlands or few natural areas food survival would be extremely difficult without huge investment in money and time.

    Invest in firearms, medical supplies, waterpurification
    Best form a large local milita and be able to tap into othe peoples skills
  6. conquer_dude

    conquer_dude Imperial Slave

    Nov 27, 2005
    Hattiesburg, MS
    Sit #1: I would pack a laptop $1000, radio $50 or $60, acoustic/electric guitar $200-$400 (Don't need to spend much on that) food $100, coffee $20, band aids and neosporin crap mediceine $200, cd's $40-$60, great bike $400, paper and pens $35, coke and root beer $100 :D, batteries (tons) $400, clothes and shoes and swetshirts $600, atlas $10-$15, seeds (for constant food:D) $50, Bible $10-$30.

    Sit #2: I have been through this before with hurricane katrina, so I know.

    Food, clothes, bike/skateboard (some kind of quick transportation), guitar, water, flashlights (lots), chamber pots :p, hand sanatizer, medicines, Bible, battery powered radio
  7. CurtSibling

    CurtSibling ENEMY ACE™ SLeague Staff Supporter

    Aug 31, 2001
    Internet-ready PC, drawing pen and pad, fully-loaded mp3-player, microwave and supply of TV dinners and pepsi.

    That is my current survival kit right here!

  8. Sidhe

    Sidhe Deity

    Jan 30, 2006
    The SAS guide to survival and a knife and supply of water, the rest can be gotten from your environment easily with a little knowhow, thus the book. Failing that If I'm going to die a huge amount of alcahol and or drugs.

    If in an urban environment then a weapon, gun or whatever and a supply of clean water, some iron rations, and a map of the entire area. Also a computer or acces to some form of communication.
  9. Xenocrates

    Xenocrates Deity

    Nov 25, 2005
    I went To China once carrying a load of sensible stuff, the French people that I was with took only perfume. Good call by them, the extremely impressive looking hotel had no running water. Scent FTW!
  10. Sophie 378

    Sophie 378 Avvie by ybbor

    Apr 27, 2005
    bham.ac.uk #FIFTYCHAT >#civfanatics
    Random thoughts as and when - no attempt at order.

    Scenario 1. I've already got everything I need - so everything here is just luxuries. I'd like a Panasonic Toughbook (laptop you can hit with a hammer and/or pour liquid over and it still works), a wind-up multi-output charger, another casserole dish, an iPod, a solar-powered radio torch thingy, and some really good binoculars with a really good camera built-in.

    Scenario 2. Depends heavily on whether I'm at university in Birmingham, or at home with the parents in SW Wales. If in Bham, I'll need to spend $70 equivalentt on getting home - but I'd go to the shops first.
    We have a sturdy farmhouse (with modern extensions) with a lot of productive land, and three fireplaces suitable for cooking at: so I'd get all our axes and saws new blades for making sure we've got enough wood to cook with as well as keeping warm if necessary. The woodshed is pretty full though. Maybe some coal/charcoal/anthracite.
    I'd stock up on luxury items to barter with (not sure what, though). We could get dairy stuff, meat, fish and many vegetables locally through barter quite easily. If no-one wants to barter, we could probably steal some - cows and sheep all around us, rivers and the sea only a few miles away, etc.
    Spare parts for my bicycle - say eight inner tubes, four spare tyres, a few mending kits. Maybe another, new bicycle for someone else in the family for other transport.
    Lots of refined sugar, vinegar and various spices for preserving food. Tinned food, maybe. (We've got a larder full of jams and preserves, and a freezer full of meat and stocks - but gluts happen.) Another couple of 10kg sacks of rice.
    Get a really serious first-aid kit with lots of bandages, plasters, common medicines and so on. For each person in the family, a spare pair of glasses.
    Seeds for all the vegetables we'd grow (yeah, we grow a lot now). Whatever my parents want for the field - maybe get that polytunnel in at last (apparently productivity shoots up).
    Maybe, if I'm feeling really paranoid (this is rural England, after all, violence doesn't really happen here) go to the gun shop in town and see if they've got anything more than the little pop-gun they sold my dad (for shooting rats). If not, another few boxes of pellets.
    Fill the oil-tank (for the Aga) right up; keep it going as long as possible. It only needs filling every couple of years - so why not keep the Aga lit, the house warm, be able to cook and hope for the best?
    Get each person in the family several pairs of really stout, high-quality, well-fitting and well-lasting shoes/boots.
    Get a really good map of the surrounding, say, 100 miles - for where to go looting if society really breaks down.
    Another water barrel, maybe. We have six, a pond and a horse-trough. If we have one specially for collecting drinking water, and bring in a clean thing of it every day, and wash it out a lot, maybe that'd be good enough. But anyway, a massive set of water purification tablets.
    A lot of detergent/cleaner of some kind.
    Lots of candles. And matches - or are lighters better? Flint and steel?
    A massive thing of good quality cooking oil (will keep forever in the larder).
    Dried fruits eg sultanas for luxury/barter/emergencies.
    Am I paranoid, realistic or delusional to think of condoms?
    Net/line for fishing with, maybe?
  11. thetrooper

    thetrooper Schweinhund

    May 24, 2004
    Hinter feindlichen Linien!
    Scen #2: Booze, mp3-player, batteries for mp3-player, some Spinoza literature and a cyanide capsule just in case.

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