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what would make the AI massively better

Discussion in 'Civ4 - General Discussions' started by yavoon, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. Neal Down

    Neal Down Chieftain

    Jul 25, 2006
    What the AI needs is what every chess AI ever made has: a book of opening moves. Once into the midgame, it becomes impossible to map out a coherent strategy ahead of time, but if the AI had a book of opening strategies, say "Pyramids->Caste System->GP Farm," "CS Slingshot," "Cottage spam" or "Early Rush" then it could play a dominant opening game that might make up for it's mid game weakness.

    Right now, the AIs each seem to have a personality and a strategy to match. Ideally, this would be their dominant strategy on lower levels, while on higher levels they would decide on a particular "book opening" based on circumstance and then play that.

    For the mid game, on higher levels of play, the AI should use higher level strategies. Various strategies can be devised and categorized according to how many turns they will take to play out. On lower levels, the AI will only consider short strategies, while on higher levels it will pick longer term strategies.

    For example, on lower levels, the AI might decide "build an army, attack closest weakest enemy." On an intermediate level it might pick "Scout for best opponent, build an army of conquest and several raiders, attack city X while pillaging the remaining land." and an advanced AI might pick "beeline to engineering, amass a herd of cats, escort with some swordsman, a longbowman and a pikeman, take city X, while pillaging cities A, B and C regroup and heal, take city Y then try for peace."

    Or for a really out-there idea, have the strategies governed by a genetic algorithm. The strategies that survive the longest, get the highest scores, or actually manage to beat players get to breed (over the Internet, with the AIs of every other player!) creating new, ever more unbeatable AIs.

    Of course, we all know what happens then. The game becomes conscious and decides that the only way to end human suffering brought on by our civilization is to end civilization.

    "Shall... we... play... a... game?"
  2. Smidlee

    Smidlee Deity

    Jul 10, 2003
    But those opening moves came from years on top of years of researching chessmaster games.
  3. DJ_Izumi

    DJ_Izumi Chieftain

    Feb 16, 2003
    I'd be happy if the AI used it's units more effectively.

    'Don't attack city unless it's defence is at 0% or at least low'
    'Helicopters arn't for deep pillaging, they're for rapeing tanks.'
    'After an amphibious assault, DEFEND the city you took, don't send all your tanks out to pillage and leave on infantry and some artillary in the city'
    'If facing a city that your units have ill odds at attacking, stack them outside the city and bring in the artillary/aircraft to shell it and weaken units, then go in at once'
    'When under attack, move your defensive units up to the cities under seige and counter attack his attacking units, don't try to flank him and take his cities'

    Stuff like that. |:
  4. Louis XXIV

    Louis XXIV Le Roi Soleil

    Mar 12, 2003
    Norfolk, VA
    I wonder if trying to take your cities would ever work. If the AI did that, I probably wouldn't even have time to withdraw my attacking units and would still focus on the offensive. If one of my cities was under siege, my focus certainly would be on getting reenforcements to that city, not going on the offensive.

    But there seems to be some simple suggestions here that are good ones (and some more complicated stuff that's a bit more abstract and would probably be tougher to impliment). Stuff like:

    When a war is declared on them, waiting a few turns to gather strength and focusing only on units that attack them until then.

    Only pillage if your army isn't strong enough to take a city (maybe? Too limiting?)

    If they capture a city with an amphibious assault, leave the units in the city until they send reenforcements (along these lines, ensure that they send reenforcements and don't continue their offensive until these units arrive).

    If city defenders are significantly weaker than the attacking force, send units to reenforce/attack the enemy stack instead of attacking outside their territory. But, if there is a stack in enemy territory, leave it there and stay on the offensive (pillage if its too small to win).

    Don't use Helicopters for pillaging, use them to attack tanks

    I'd hesitate to say "Don't attack" if the defense is too high, since that would remind me of Civ3 when the AI would avoid attacking your army because they wouldn't win. There has to be some balance between the two (aside from the obvious of just making sure the AI prioritizes weakening them).

    I'd hate to have "always" and "never" for actions because it would make the AI predictable, but the AI isn't necessarily unpredictable now. Plus, some of these things seem like good strategies. A player might take a gamble on some extremely unorthodox strategy, but the AI would at least be competative if it makes good choices. They'll never be as smart as a human player, but if they make the best choice in normal situations, they'll be solid in most situations.
  5. DJ_Izumi

    DJ_Izumi Chieftain

    Feb 16, 2003
    Maybe the AI could estimate how many units it owuld need to stack to take the city even if it had high defense? Just like the AI. Bad odds even with your best units? Round up 20 of your best units, problem solved.

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