What's better early in the game?

Millatary and Cash, Imps. and Techs, Millitary and Techs or Imps. and Cash?

  • Millitary and Cash

    Votes: 13 32.5%
  • Imps. and Techs.

    Votes: 14 35.0%
  • Millitary and Techs.

    Votes: 12 30.0%
  • Imps. and Cash

    Votes: 1 2.5%

  • Total voters


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Jan 18, 2002
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What would be best in the early game? Millitary and Cash or Improvements and Techs? I, myself choose Imps. and Techs., but everybody wants me to give them a Tech for nothing and then we fight. I usally stop my building of Imps. and start a millitary, but it's not enough to bring the battle to them.

What should I do?:confused:
OOPS! I forgot the other two selections, please think about those too.
I'd love to just build settlers, improvements, & wonders all game sometime but your opponents will never let you. You have to build a military early & keep it up the whole game or you're asking for trouble and will have a hard time winning.
At the very beginning (land grab) phase, I would say settlers and military are most important, followed by cultural improvements to seal your borders.
I, myself choose Imps. and Techs., but everybody wants me to give them a Tech for nothing and then we fight.

You need at least a decent army, otherwise your military is considered weak and that is why other civs are demanding something for nothing. Another factor is how close your neighbors are, what size map your playing, and difficulty level. On the smaller maps, or if you are pretty close to another civ, you want a military to prevent a quick invasion by the other civ (or you can do the invading!). On a huge map, any military I do build at the very beginning is just defensive units, because my enemies are pretty far from me. You don't want to spend too much time building a very large offensive military unless you plan to use it.
I'd say Military and Techs because you can't have the necessary cultural improvements without the techs. Military is obvious; you gotta protect those fledgling cities. Usually, though, I barely manage to cover my early rapid expansion. Overall, a blend of everything works best.
I voted for "Improvements and Tech", but my actual preference would be "Settlers and More Settlers".
I definately go for military and techs. I've been trying the early vassalization strategy lately and have been having some success. You need a military and good techs in the beginning to just survive the first 100 turns.
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