[BTS] What's the best Tech Rate on Settler/Tiny Islands/Large/Marathon?


Aug 5, 2017
What should I be getting?

The best I've done is T628 Future Tech on Next War.

But I have no examples to aim at. Don't know which strategies to use. Looking at the HoF Space Colony listings is an idea, but Tiny Islands isn't exactly popular, and there's a lot of Hut reliance.

Other constraints: Any Philosophical leader of Rome (unrestricted), no Huts (no crazy luck), Low Sea Level, 18 civs. This is for making giant cities, and tech rate+REXing is what's holding me back.

Or are Huts needed? Trying with zero AIs and just going island hopping with scouts doesn't really do a whole lot though. You get a few techs, but no capitals to take, there's less food because there's less capitals, and no foreign trade routes.

EDIT: Archipelago Tiny Islands. Didn't know Big & Small also had "Tiny Islands": https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/civ-iv-bts-max-pop-reached-2-31.676311/
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