What's the best way to limit eras?


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Dec 7, 2001
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I'm looking to exclude the industrial and modern eras for a scenario using my British Isles mod. Has anyone tried to do this before?

I had a couple ideas to try:

Make circular research trees so the first techs in industrial age are dependent on having other techs further down the tree. I'm afraid this might cause a crash. You have to pick a tech to research but there are no legal techs to research.

Delete the improvements/units allowed by industrial/modern techs. Would allow score for research and techs for trading while keeping the world in the middle ages. Would allow all of the wonders to be built.

Maybe just increase tech costs so industrial age costs twice as much and modern three or four times as much. This would increase the time spent with older techs prominent but still allow progress. Would also still make the wonders available.

Any thoughts?
AFAIK you can't have a technology from a different era as a pre-requisite for a current technology (i.e. you couldn't make industrial era techs dependent on Modern era technologies, or vice versa).

What I recommend is that you use all four eras, but stretch them out. For example, the first era could still be Ancient, then you could have Low Middle Ages, High Middle Ages and Rennaissance as the remaining three eras. Of course, this would mean extensively changing the tech tree, especially for the later eras. And you would have to come up with new buildings and units to fill in the gap for the industrial/modern buildings/units you wouldn't be using anymore.

If you don't want to do this, then just greatly increase the tech costs for industrial and modern era advances.
yeh...the eras can be renamed just adapt them to your needs
expand the tech tree for more detailed ceverage of the areas
of time you want to focus on.
it wont be easy to make almost a whole tech tree but
it is the option that i think would provide the most stable and
in the end pleasing result.
Circular research trees don't work (as expected). Error crash occured when I got to the Industrial age.

Deleting the improvements and units for Industrial and Modern and leaving the techs alone didn't work. Error crash when building wonders. There's no good reason for this crash. The only thing I can think of is hard coded icons for improvements?

I went with increasing expense to research and build industrial and modern techs/units/improvements. I ended up with:
Industrial: Tech research costs 3 times normal. Unit construction costs double.
Modern: Tech research costs 1000 each (maximum allowed). Unit construction costs 4 times normal.

This effectively stalls progression just into the industrial era.

Thanks for the help!
Set the research cost of last required advance of the last age wanted to ridiculously high, so the era would never change...
(fe. you want the world to stop at middle ages, so you make one tech that is the last one required of that era, set it to require all previous "era-end-techs" and the research cost to million...)

hmm... this might actually work... I have to try it out!:egypt:
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