What's the Best?


Mar 1, 2003
Just curious, who's the best leader, best civ, best UU, UU/UB combo, best unit. And worste or most useless stuff?


Jul 10, 2006
Fort Wayne, Indiana
I kind of like Meiji. He's my favorite leader for the time being. I'm always more of a techie in the game than anything else (like a human Mansa Musa), and his traits fit my playing style perfectly. Plus, the Samurai is a pretty good unique unit. The Ronin is a slight bonus, and while a first strike chance is pretty weak, it's still better than a pure flavor unit. I'm not a fan of the Shale Plant at all, though, because the Recycling Center does not get rid of the unhealthiness as far as I know (since it's pollution from power, not pollution from buildings, I think) - and I tend to build Hydro Dams and/or the Three Gorges Dam.

I haven't really played around with much of the other stuff, though. My brother seems to enjoy Willem Van Oranje (same with normal BTS) and then spamming Cuirassiers.

I personally think that the new Keshik will be devastating, but I am going to have to give that a test first.


Jun 19, 2006
Biloxi, MS USA
Yeah Meiji is going to be an absolute tech god. But deservingly so. Thanks to phungus for convincing me to make him Enl/FIn. Pericles will be amazing, now that he has the taboo Ind/Phi. But he was flipping amazing before in beta and test builds. He was Enl/Phi which I think is just about as good (I dont know why I was so attatched to the Pericles Enl/Philo, it just seemed about the best pairing ever not just in ability but in namesake). I am interested in seeing if Lenin, who now has Enl/Phi is going to be able to out tech pericles enough to actually get to all the wonders faster.

For UU's, just as always, tha Legions! The hoplite is isnt too far behind (have idea about tweaking hoplite but still keeping it below the Legions power level, but thats a topic for another thread). Both these units are the best incarnations of them that Ive seen so far. Also on the list, the Keshik, being a medieval monster like it always should have been.

Best civ? Hmm.. thats hard to say but in terms of the combined power of their leaders' traits, I would have to say America. Out of the 4 leaders they have 3 charismatics, 2 enlightened, and philosophic. Thats some good traits there. As far as alround civ, maybe Rome or England.

Worst leader? Lech with Org/Pro! I kno, I know, I did that to him on purpose but in my opinion, he is least deserving to be on the leader list and someone had to get that trait. He will perpetually be on my "lets get rid of him list." Nothing against him, just that hes relativley new and didnt do much really. But if we got rid of him then i might have to give someone that really deserves better a really crappy trait so its good to have him in.
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