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whats the deal with the long proccessing times between turns


May 31, 2012
It seems from at least from what i read no matter how built your comp is the game is gonna process for ever in between turns.
Im running,
I7 processer 3.2ghz
12gb ram,
evga nvida 560sc 1gb Graphics card
I run games that demand way higher preformance spec then this game just fine so.........what can i do if anything to speed up wait times between turns?
You must have huge maps or something, as I don't see this at all. AI logic is done between turns. IT takes more time to do this if there are lot of AI cities, and units, like in late game. This has been probably discussed a lot, so you might want to use search feature and find existing post on this issue.
Apparently another biggie contributing to long hours is the autosaving feature.
I feel sure this time could be reduced by optimisation... I'm hoping this will have been addressed by G&K and that between turn times will be greatly reduced, especially on large and huge maps, after the expansion.
I play on Large maps and dont have this problem. Maybe you need some new drivers?

(I have AMD quad core 3,5ghz, 4gb ram btw)
Yeah, play smaller maps. My computer chokes on Civ4 huge maps, I don't even want to try huge on Civ5.
You can also try switching to strategic mode before hitting end turn.

(It may be spending more processor time animating the rival units coming near you & your city state allies than calculating their moves.)

If its still slow; then I'd suggest downsizing to Large maps. Some people have noticed major improvements.
I second the idea that autosaving increases the in-between turn time. Check the setting on how often you autosave. On my Windows 7 machine the blue, circling cursor indicates disk accessing. The solid gold cursor seems to be computer processing. Of course, disk accessing also occurs if the computer is paging memory to and from the disk.

But, as the game goes on there are more cities and maybe more units to process. The size of the map and number of civs have an impact. I usually play huge maps with 8 civs. The computer takes less time processing all the civs and cities and units than than I do with mine on most turns late game. If you play most of your turns very rapidly, this might not be the case with your games.

The computer also has to deal with all of your puppeted cities as well.
Never thought about the auto saving. I just recently increased my auto save frequency. So would it be quicker to quicksave every turn and reduce the frequency of autosave?

I can run this game on a huge map, but it does take forever. I only did it once for the achievement. I just finished a large map game yesterday, and the turn times were still pretty bad. But that may have been because I increased autosave frequency maybe?

I pretty much stick with standard sized maps. It's big enough for me.
I Don't know whether Quick Save actually saves the amount of time used by the computer to save the data. I think it just saves a step in the UI which allows you to modify the name of the save file. It's good if you have to save fast if you have to leave the game rapidly, say when your boss or wife approaches--or anyone else who might resent you playing the game so often.

At any rate, Quick Saves, as far as I know, overwrite one another: the quick save file has the same name each time. So there may not be much, if any, time saving. I wouldn't save each turn anyway.

How often does your game crash?

If I find myself making a risky strategic decision which could jeoparize the game, I might make a special save and label it as the decision point just before I take the gamble, but I rarely ever go back to an autosave. It was much more useful when the game was more unstable.
The only times I use auto saves is when I forget to do something important. Which is actually more often than I'd like. I tend to be forgetful sometimes.

I wish I could do something about the speed of this game. I do have quad cores, and 8 gigs of ram, but it's just not enough.
What is the actual time? After-all, "forever" is a subjective term :).

I also am running Windows 7 on an AMD Quad ~3.x Gh with 4 Mb of Ram and an Nvidia 9800 GX/512 Mb. I have all the settings turned up to maximums (or close) and play on Large maps with the default number of AIs and CSs for that map size. And, I generally make a point to leave pretty much all of them in for the whole game. I experience about 10-15 seconds between turns.
I am going to try Game Booster 3 and see if it helps. Turn times for me 2-3 minutes or so on a huge map. I started the game with 11 civs and 12 CSs. Now there are 8 civs left, and I am guessing 10 CSs. Turn 450 or so, playing a domination game.

I had a similar problem for a long time. Turns were taking forever and game play was generally choppy and not enjoyable...despite having a rig that outmatched the recommended specs for the game.

I eventually noticed that problem disappeared when I connected my computer to my brothers big screen HDTV.

Turns out - and don't ask me WHY this is, I have no clue - I had to adjust the DirectX settings that pop up at the beginning of the game depending on whether I was playing on my laptop or an external display.

Don't know if this will solve your problems but it's worth a try.
2.53 GHz dual-core i5 processor
512MB graphics card

...on a laptop.

CiV runs adequately for me on medium and even (medium-high) settings. I do notice the difference on huge maps where had to tone down the graphics to low. However, it still looks pretty enough for me. It's not the time between turns that bugs me it is the loading time when you load up a game that you have previously started. On a huge map, ~Turn 400 it took 3 minutes to load. Just enough time to get a coffee ;)
I am going to try Game Booster 3 and see if it helps. Turn times for me 2-3 minutes or so on a huge map. I started the game with 11 civs and 12 CSs. Now there are 8 civs left, and I am guessing 10 CSs. Turn 450 or so, playing a domination game.


Please let us know how it works! I know almost nothing about computers so if there's an easy program to install that makes all adjustments for me I would use that in a heartbeat.
Please post what effect Game Booster 3 has, as I am sure there are many here that would be very interested!

I felt like my turns did not take anytime at all. After about five turns of play, the time went from 3-4 minutes to a little over a minute. What I am going to do is play ten turns both ways and record my findings. I just have to get my watch out and use that for timekeeping. I'll post again soon.
thank you for that... I await your further report with interest... I'm hoping it's a way of playing large and huge maps without a large or huge gap between turns! :mischief:
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