What's the plan here? (Emp, Genghis)

Jul 11, 2005
Chicago, IL, USA
Maybe I'm out of practice from not playing much over the last year. Or maybe I just suck at being Mongolian. But I've been getting my butt kicked as Genghis in the last few tries, even though I can usually win 80%+ of the time at Emperor. I think the problem is that I really don't understand how to capitalize on Keshiks (or Horse Archers in general) and thus can't formulate a good plan early on, whether that plan necessarily uses the Keshiks or not. So here's a start for you... I'd like to see what people think:

All I've done at the moment is tech AH and Mining. The pics don't show the horse area to the north well, but it's quite a poor site. I could settle 1NW of the horse and get the horse and a coast fish in my initial 9 squares, but there's no other production there besides a single plains forest. Even if I tech Myst and build a monument, it isn't any better on the coast. Other notable characteristics are the big open continent (bad for cutoff plays), 4 other civs (rare for a Standard Continents map), and the stone and seafood in Karakorum. Toku and Cyrus are somewhere north of Frederick.

So what the heck to do here? A rush on anyone (whether horses or axes) seems difficult - targeting Frederick lets Willlem expand freely. Targeting Willem might cut off the south, but he's creative and further away. I don't have gems, gold, or traits to finance a willy-nilly REX. The best site I see for a second city is 1S of the wine, which is quite nice but would require a Monument to get the most out of. And if there's no convenient bronze, that leaves me settling the crappy northern site for horses. Pyramids? Seems like the wrong move for Genghis, but I'm fairly sure I could build them and the half-price Settlers might even keep that from getting me too hemmed in. That could set me up well for a Medieval war as well, Keshiks be damned. Even though I really want to horse-rush something, I'm leaning in that direction at the moment.

The save is attached.


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