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Wheel of Time Unit Pack: Aielmen (Dec. 7, 2004)


Uncle Cam
Feb 4, 2004
St. Louis
Red Shield, Stone Dog, & Water Seeker

Aiel (eye-EEL):
The people of the Aiel Waste. Fierce and hardy. Also called Aielmen. They veil their faces before they kill, giving rise to the saying "acting like a black-veiled Aiel" to describe someone who is being violent. Deadly warriors with weapons or with nothing but bare hands, they will not touch a sword. Their pipers play them into battle with the music of dances, and Aielmen call battle "the Dance."

Aiel warrior societies:
Aiel warriors are all members of one of the warrior societies, such as the Stone Dogs (Shae'en M'taal), the Red Shields (Aethan Dor), the Water Seekers (Duahde Mahdi'in), or the Maidens of the Spear (Far Dareis Mai). Each society has its own customs, and sometimes specific duties. For example, Red Shields act as police. Stone Dogs often vow not to retreat once battle has been joined, and will die to the last man if necessary to fulfill this vow, while Maidens are often scouts. The clans of the Aiel frequently fight among themselves, but members of the same society will not fight one another even if their clans are doing so. In this way, there are always lines of contact between the clans even when they are in open warfare.

Download Red Shield

Download Stone Dog

Download Water Seeker

Link to Maiden of the Spear

Credits: First of all to Kinboat for his PDM, and also for creating the Aiel wardrobe. And also to Steph and Cyber Dreyk for their wonderful programs that make creating units that much easier.

Enjoy! :D

EDIT: Stone Dog now has corrected INI file
EDIT2: Water Seeker's Attack has been updated

That's because he comes from a warrior society, where their skills are so finely tuned. If you notice, his marksmanship is right on. :) :p

Didn't know there were such things around here, but thanks. :)

Thanks to Wolfhart who pointed out a typo in the Stone Dog's INI file. It has now been corrected in the first post.

And thanks to the rest of you for your kind words. This has been my biggest undertaking yet as far as units are concerned, and it's nice to have it well received. :)
These are great. I have to toss them into my personal library for later adding to my personal mod.
I've actually just started working on an Italian Foot Knight requested by Xen. Some of the artwork he posted matched up with some of the concept art I had for a Guardian of the Gate unit, so I figured I could take care of both needs at the same time. I'm going to be working on a handful of units representing the same era, and I'm sure most of them could easily pass for historical units.

Once I'm done with all the WoT units we need, I'm sure I'll be rotating back and forth between fictional and historical units. I'm eagerly awaiting LOTM, so if they still haven't wrapped it up by the time I've filled out the WoT unit list, I might lend a hand. I've got to admit WH has definitely caught my eye too lately, so who knows. But I've got nothing against the real world either. ;)
Sword_Of_Geddon said:
The Bible is to be taken literally from the very first verse, as the New Testament is lade upon the foundations of the old.
Off topic, but what's the source of this quote, SoG?
I like them, but honestly, the bow attack seems to be a little weak... it doesn't really look like there could be much strength behind that shot. It's just too fast and lacks enough body movement to really generate much energy.
The Source? Me I suppose. If you look upon the entire Bible's Old Testament, there are numerious connections, and foreshadowings of the new. For example, the beginnings of Sin are in the Book of Genisis(Adam and Even disobeying God) which led to Jesus Christ having to die on the cross for the sins of mankind(John 3:16) Jesus himself used the Old Testament for examples numerious times. When I say literal, that does not mean all verses of the Bible are the same type as well,(The Bible is divided into three catagories, History, Morality, and Prophecy)

I've done alot of thinking on this matter as well. One of the best sites for this is Answers in Genisis.org.

The bow attacks seem alitte odd, yes, but it is'nt horrible. Interesting that these characters are similiar to the characters of Dune. Alot of them fought in a similiar manner. Like I said before, they are based on a real desert culture.
Alot of Fantasy units(well, the humans and to a lesser extent, the ships) could be used as historical units as well. The various alternate history units, like Utahjazz's Crododile Warrior or Kinboat's Industrial Legion, are another form of Fantasy unit.
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