When did you start playing CIV?

When did you start playing the CIV games?

  • Civ 1

    Votes: 81 54.7%
  • Civ 2

    Votes: 36 24.3%
  • Alpha Centauri

    Votes: 5 3.4%
  • Civ 3

    Votes: 26 17.6%

  • Total voters


Never Beaten
Nov 17, 2003
I just wonder when people started playing CIV for the first time, and how they in the first place got to know the game.
Is alpha c. consider a civ game or should it be consider sid meier's game
All the way from 1!
I first saw my uncle playing Civ2 on his Playstation, so I tried it out, and after about an hour I was hooked. I went home got on the internet and ordered it. About a year later I told a couple of friends about it, and one of them said "well, I have Civ3." So I went to his house tried that out, then went and bought my own copy. That's basically how I cam acroos the civ series. Then I found you guys :)
Got sucked in by the CivII stage; '96 I think.

Saw an ad for the game, and figured I had money to blow. Best impulse purchase of my life, I tell you! Nowadays, I'd never by a game I've not tested first or at least read a few encouraging reviews of.
I actually don't recall when I first played a Civ game... I was a huge fan of "Pirates!" and Colonization (early 90s?)... I just bought Civ3 this weekend, and I can tell that I already have less of a social life than I used to. I'll probably stay away from the family over Christmas so I can play :undecide:

I remember my first Civilization game. My friend told me about it, so I borrowed it for a while. I tried it, and I got hooked (like many others). In one day, I figured out more about the game than my friend did, and he had been playing for about a year.

(I remember I lost my first Civ game.)
Civ III back in April. Someone I knew convinced me to get it.
to me it would be civ2. had a longtime friend who once said to me 'hey, i've got a new game that i'm sure you're going to love'. then one afternoon i went to his home and he played a few turns of civ2. i started drooling. :) then i asked him to borrow me the game CD and he said 'are you nuts?' :lol: i went home, dreamt about the game that night (i did, really!) and bought me a copy next morning. this was in '97, i think.
Saw a friend playing a very curious game my first year of college ('90). "Hey, what are all those Elvis looking dudes?" (Civ I) That was it! All over. Civ junkie ever since. I even made my wife a Civ junkie! :D

Saw Civ3 in the store one day and put it on my wish list. :D
I came across Civ1 10 years ago, when I saw they had installed it at a university and everyone were playing civ instead of studying.
I got hooked straight away playing the Aztecs as my first civ.
Didn't learn all the rules before later - but the concept was new for me - and yes I loved the graphics as well (was'nt that bad for that time)

Civ2, I had to wait with for al long time since I was studying and knew that if I started playing it, I could say a long goodbye to my study progression. So later I got into Civ2 as well - which I found great - especially the music and the wonder-videos.

AC Was perhaps the greates game, but as the same reason as above I had to postpone the playing. The new way of customizing everything and creating your own units were Great.
And the 3D map - so cool.

Civ3 is Great! I couldn't understand the corruption in the beginning - which was so different from previous games. But now I actually find it more balancing than before.
I miss the videos and some better music repertoir.
While I've been an avid gamer for over 25 years now (started on the Atari 2600), I didn't try the Civ series until last December (this is my one year anniversary). A good friend of mine (Shawn) was totally addicted to Civ 2 and purchased Civ 3 as soon as it came out. At the time I was into the RTS genre and didn't think I would like the slow pace of the turn based games.

After a few beers at Shawn's place I asked him about this game he was always playing. He fired up Civ 3 and proceeded to wage war on his closest rival. After watching him play and asking questions about the game I became hooked by the gameplay and suffered through turn based dreams that night. I bought the game the next day and have been addicted ever since.

BTW - I just put a beating of epic proportions on Shawn in hotseat mode the other day. Now he is the one asking the questions about the game.
Played first CiV back in...1993 I think. I don't even recall how I came unto it. My first games were pathetic because I didn't know the rules and remained in despotism all the way to avoid civil disorded :lol:
Then I got a summer job some years later and had to live at some of my parent's friends. The deal was, I kept the house while they were on holidays. They had a brand new computer, with a brand new game. Civ2. Oh boy. I think this was the summer where I didn't see the sun :lol:
With civ2 I realmly began to master the rules and thus enjoyed the game (though it took me 3-4 years to realize walls didn't cost anything in maintenance :lol:
And now 2 years ago I pre-ordered civ3. Never played SMAC...
Since Civ1! My brother borrowed it from one of his friends at school and I just looked over his shoulder when the intro started. So, I just grabbed a chair and after the first game he played, with me nagging him about everything, I was hooked....
Got hooked on CIV in the eraly nineties even though it was hard to tell the tribes apart on my 386's monochrome monitor. (Played without a sound card, too!)

Back in the early 80's me and my high school buddies played Avalon Hill's CIVILIZATION for entire weekends at a time. In fact, a few years ago we played it again with the expansion.

Although AH's boardgame is substantially different, I think having had so much fun with it made me predisposed to addiction to SM's CIV.
From Civ III. In December 22nd last year:) ! I both a computer in October 2002, learned about it and play some games as Stronghold, in a conversation with my cousin Bane I told him that I would like to play some game simular like that one but from ancent to modern time with more Geography encluded. Latter on at mentioned day he broth me a CD as a Birthday present. So it will be a year of anniversary for me soon, same as for Brewster. And soon I will got a C3C as well.

Latter in May, I think, I tried Civ II, but didn't liked (specialy graphic) so I quit after few attempt.
I used to play civ I about ten years ago on a PC :vomit:, and then nothing after these years until this summer 2002 with civ III on MAC :love:
played civ 1 on an Amiga way back at university, can still remember the 'first all-nighter just one more turn' game that i played, many years on, still probably play one all-nighter 20 hour mega-session per month to finish a game. and then have a few days break. The new conquests however are a god-send, shorter games :)
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