When playing a Non-Religious Civ. How many Govs do you usually switch to in 1 game?


Jan 3, 2004
This is playing Emperor Level.

Do you usually go to Republic and stay there? Or Monarchy? I heard Republic was toned down for C3C, was it?

Is a Republic-> then Democracy switch worth it (7-9 Anarchy turns and war weariness increase).

In my current game I planned on staying in Republic but another overseas civ switched to Democracy and I wonder how dangerous an AI is on Emperor in Democracy. I assume I will lose my tech lead.

I also wonder if Republic got nerfed in C3C I heard it did but got no specifics.
I would have a hard time remaining competitive with the AI doing Monarchy--Communism on Emperor.

What level you play on?
Republic is bad for big armies. While you can have a small army for free, everything over a certain limit costs twice as much as before.

I usually like trying to conquer my enemies in the Middle Ages with Monarchie as government but if the start was not like beeing able to do so. I'll also use Rep/Demo to not fall behind in Tech.

In rare cases I also used Communism for Wars in the lategame. I did not try Faschism yet.
I usually go Despotism-Republic-Democracy and switch into Communism or Fascism if the WW gets too bad.
2 changes for me.
2 changes.

Depending on the nature of the game, either Monarchy or Republic.

Then, Democracy. Very occasionally, Communism instead.
I usually find myself going Monarchy->Fascism or Monarchy->Democracy
Always Monarchy - Democracy. 2 changes, that is. I never change from Democracy during war.

Then again, i use to play my beloved religious Japanese:)
2 changes for me as well

I go up to Democracy as I get them, then when I'm done with research (usually after scoring is over) I switch to Monarchy to war on everyone til I own everything.
I normally only make 1 change. I'll have decided from faily early on whether i'm going to be a builder, or a warmongerer, hence i'll change to either Republic or Monarchy respectively. From then on it'll either be peace peace peace, or war war war :)

What levels are you all playing on?

2 Republic and democracy.
Despotism-->Feudalism-->Democracy. Republic only seems viable if your cities are large, or else supporting your army will be impossible. While Feudalism does have WW (MAJOR disadvantage), you get a lot of unit support out of small cities, much more than you would under Monarchy, and the large free army more than offsets the WW problems.
Two, sometimes only once. I'm still playing around with Feudalism and the new Republic attributes, though.
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