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When should we become a Republic?

When should we become a Republic?

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Feb 2, 2003
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We have discovered a new kind of government called the Republic.

If we adopt this government form, we will get more commerce from the lands we work, and improvements will develop to their full potential.

The drawback of adopting a new government is that a period of anarchy may result, during which no work gets done. We have a great wonder in progress, the Colossus, that our diplomats tell us is also being built by our friends the Byzantines and our mortal enemies the Fomorach.

Discussion on the topic can be found here.

The question before the people is, when should we become a republic?
The choices are:
  • When the settler is done
  • When the colossus is done
  • Other
This poll is public and open for 2 days.
I took the first option. We need that Settler now. It's worth waiting till that Settler is walking. But then revolt. Anarchy will only last 1 turn because of our Religious trait.
I was mistaken, Furiey. The Setter is due in two. The Colosus is due in 22.
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