Where are the great wonders of Erebus located?


Dec 20, 2013
I‘m wondering where were particular wonders built. These are my guesses, suggestions and speculations based on the fragmental info I’ve found here and there. Except for the Library of Oghma I’ve found no references which cities were the wonders actually built in. Do you agree with the list?

Aquae Sucellus – Bannor
Bazaar of Mammon - Khazad
Bone Palace – Doviello
Catacomb Libralus – Luchuirp
Celestial Compas – Lanun ?
City of a Thousand Gardens – Kuriotates
City of a Thousand Slums – Clan of Embers ?
Crown of Akharien – Amurites
Form of the Titans - Doviello
Grand Menagerie – Grigori
Guild of Endeavors – Luchuirp
Guild of the Nine - Lanun
Hall of Kings – Grigori
Herone Throne - Lanun
Infernal Grimoire – Infernals
Great of Oghma – Calabim
Mines of Gal-Dur – Khazad
Mokka’s Cauldron – Illians
Pillar of Chains – Calabim
Prophecy of Ragnarok – Sheaim
Ride of the Nine Kings – Hippus
Shrine of Sirona – Elohim
Soul Forge – Calabim
Syliven’s Lyre – Ljosalfar/Balseraphs
Temple of Temporance – Bannor/Mercurians
Theatre of Dreams – Balseraphs
The Eternal Flame – Clan of Embers
The Eyes and Ears Network – Svartalfar
The Great Lighthouse – Lanun
The Nexus – Sheaim ?
Tower of Complacency – Balserpahs ?
Tower of Eyes - Ljosalfar
The Menagerie is def. Balseraphs, you build it for them in one of the scenarios.

Infernals probably don't own the Veil shrine, since they can't own the holy city unless they conquer it or get lucky with Hyborem's Whisper.
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