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Where can you find the list of ranked cities?

Charles JJ

Jan 18, 2002
In the manual you see the Histographpage with a list to the right with the highest ranked cities of the world. In my Histographpage I cant see that. I can choose between power, point and cultural, and to the right I se a list over the civpoints. :confused:
I think the F11 key displays the top cities of the world.
F11 brings up the Demographics page and on the left of that is the top 5 cities
I wouldn't put too much stock in the games assessment of which are the top cities in the world. I am not sure what this is based on, but I often see size twelve capitals of third-world civs with no wonders ahead of size twenty capitals of the most advanced civs with three wonders. This assessment is about as accurate as those made by the military advisor, whom I absolutely do not trust to advise me.
It's probably based on the ratio of happy to content citizens or something, because I've noticed the very same thing.

Or, maybe it rates them on culture points. Warrents some checking out.
It is definitly based on culture. I checked it with spies. There is also a picture in the manual, where the culture points are under the icon of the city
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