Where has my game gone?


Nov 9, 2001
Installed CIV V yesteday and have played 5 hours so far. Today turned on my pc no game, steam wants me to install it but I already done that yesterday, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Bring back the days when you brought a game, installed it and it was there no fascist bloody steam to muck up your day.

Why cant I reinstall it from my disk that I brought? Why must it go through steam!

Having the same problem today...or a similar one. The game simply will no longer load. Last night when I played it said it was doing some "syncing" with Steam. This morning? Nothing. Can't launch the game.

Utter and complete FAIL. I feel like I've been abused by Firaxis, to whom I've been a loyal customer for over 10 years.
Thanks for that but I still dont understand, Civ V was on my steam account all registered and everything and have been playing on and off since yesterday but now it says I have to install it, what the hell was it doing yesterday then when it said installing?

Installing it again has just taken up what time I could have played it today, very :mad:
Hi Eye,

I know what you mean, why the hell did I buy the disk for, once upon a time you could play via those but nooooooooooooooo you have to go through steam, I DONT WANT TO GO THROUGH STEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to play it from the DVD or from the hard drive that it installed on thankyou very much.
If programs are uninstalling themselves from your computer then I think you got bigger problems to worry about besides steam. Did you actually check your installation folder in windows explorer to see if it is actually gone? I think the default directory would be C:/Program files/Valve/Steam/SteamApps/common/sid meier's civilisation V. If it is still there then try opening the .exe file there to open the game.
Hi Vimp,

Yep the program was still in my folder but when I clicked on the *.exe it just said installing Civ V and it went to steam, so I just let it and am ok now.

We will see if it does it again later when I turn my pc off.
I have no idea why something like that would happen, but the first thing to do in Steam is to go to your library, right click on Civ5, go to properties, local files, then 'verify integrity of game cache.'
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