where is babylonia

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Apr 25, 2017
Every Civilization from Civilization I has thus far managed to eventually return in every mainline game. Even the Zulu have managed this! And the reason for this is fairly straightforward; aside from the Zulu, all of these Civilizations are obvious inclusions with a profound impact on either world history or modern culture, and the absence of any of them would be felt. All of them have managed to return once more for Civilization VI, as is proper.

Except for Babylonia.

And judging by the discussion swirling around, it's not looking very good for them, either. Leaks are everywhere, and the central theme seems to be that of the many Civilizations that have been chosen for Gathering Storm, Babylonia is not among them. It may not even be among the potential Civilizations for a third expansion, should one exist, as our now-deceased man of mystery had to combine his "guess" with Assyria (which, if anything, is what Sumeria is actually closer to in its Civ VI incarnation; not that it's a particularly great representation of Babylonia, Assyria, or Sumeria itself.)

Why is Babylonia being erased? I get that ancient civilizations might lack sex appeal with modern audiences who want to play as Australia or Canada, and I get GOD KING NEBBY might lack sex appeal with modern audiences who want to play as or against a wide and diverse array of female leaders, but Babylonia isn't exactly a historical footnote. It's easily one of the most famous and influential of the Mesopotamian empires, and even casual Civ players should recognize it purely based upon how terrifying they were in Civ V.

Are you merely afraid to unleash that upon the world again? Surely not, after all, since you brought back Poland in record time and Korea stands just as strongly as ever.

this isn't a suggestion and if someone wants to make a suggestion they can feel free, this is a question that just happens to be angry enough to also be a demand

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