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Where to go next?

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by JeanBaptiste, Mar 29, 2018.

  1. JeanBaptiste

    JeanBaptiste Chieftain

    Sep 19, 2011
    Hi guys, long time lurker here.

    Deity player trying to get back in the game, finding it hard to get past the first 100 turns or so. Not because of difficulty but because of restlestness. It´s always the beginning that's the most exciting then it usually becomes a slugfest with the deity combat AI. I need general motivation to continue my games and thought by putting myself out here could be a way.

    So this is a standard fractal no huts/events deity map, playing as JC. Got the gl and pyra, so a very nice start. A couple of different options where to go next. Either go for construction and kill Isabella. Too late for that now? Or should i continue expanding, tech, and go for like cannons or something?

    Save of current position is attached.

    Spoiler image :

    JC 450 BC.jpg

    I know the community here prefers t.0 games and slow progression. So next time I´ll start a random to practice on "bad" starts as well.

    Feel that I want to somehow contribute to keep the civ4 forum going. Played civ5 and 6 a lot but have now returned to the best game ever!

    Attached Files:

    Imploding likes this.
  2. JBryan314

    JBryan314 US Army Combat Vet and Intelligence Agent

    Feb 4, 2012
    Deep South
    I also usually prefer slow progression but that's because I often try to avoid military conflict until I'm at a point where I almost can't lose the war. In your position I favor aggressive approach. Take out Isabella as soon as you feel like you won't leave yourself too weakened after.
  3. Imploding

    Imploding Chieftain

    Aug 5, 2015
    Nice postion. To me it seems that you have two strong options. Keep setteling offshore cities research something more powerfull or go for an attack.

    Both options migth be good.. but I like the War option best. Would do something like this:

    Pret/Cat is a really strong combo pre engineering/macemen. How far i isabell from that tech?
    You still have some forrest and good happiness for whips,10 turns of preperation will give you a nice army that i think can thake on isabell and get the snowball rolling.
    Maybe capture all mainland cities. Religion seems good for an attack aswell.

    Would also make a vassal out of the offshore cities. Get a tech ally that can go for MC/Machinery/engineering and settle the rest of the offshore cities.

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