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Where to put a mod folder and BIQ file?


Aug 31, 2005
Greetings all. I've been lurking for some time now, hoping to glean enough info to make a mod out of CivIII Complete. Have been trying to solve problems as they occur. I've made 31 new civilizations using the Editor, by renaming and such. Put in new leaderheads for most, by downloading the heads and changing all the file names to match those in CIV3, Conquests and PTW sections of my C3C. I have also altered some of the units, but have not added or deleted any yet. I'm hoping to get the game working before I attempt to add units. My problem now is the wrong leaderhead picture is showing for at least one of my civs. My other question: I have put my mod folder and BIQ file (the one you edit in the Editor) in the \Conquests\Conquests folder. Is this correct, or could it be causing my leaderhead swapping problem? I thought I saw some of you saying you should put your mod folder and BIQ file in the \Scenarios folder. Help is appreciated.
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