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Where's my hammer?


Jul 18, 2005
Here's the situation: I'm running with Alazkan in Luchuirp lands, doing his usual thing - farming xp. Spotted a gargoyle carrying golden hammer in the open and killed it. Since I've already casted mirror I couldn't pick it up so I ended the turn standing on top of it. Next turn - the hammer is gone. At first I thought that it got booted out of their territory because we don't have open borders and are not at war. But I've checked all nearby unclaimed and my own lands and it's nowhere to be seen.

Unit list doesn't show it either, so it's gone for good. A bug?
Not sure about hammers.... but I know that Shadows with "subdue Animal" do not actually subdue if they are in HN mode.... I have to declare nationality to capture animals.

Maybe the same is true for the hammer.... and you just killed it :sad:
Well, it was lying on the ground just fine, although it didn't have my civ's flag. Then it just disappeared.
Well, it was lying on the ground just fine, although it didn't have my civ's flag. Then it just disappeared.

HN units and equipment don't go well together - you have to declare to capture it normally.

The disappearing I'm guessing is a bug in the game or something - someone else reported a similar problem a while ago.
Just killed a unit in hippus territory (open borders) and it dropped a normal hammer with my flag. This time I had another unit nearby to pick it up right away.
i started a thread awhile back called "declaring war on a hammer" items are vanishing alot for me. most recently i was at war with the luchirp, didn't pick up the hammer after one of their units dropped it in a city i just captured, i was wondering if i let it sit, cause it was right on the city tile, if it wouldn't be reabsorbed back in as a great engineer when the city stopped rioting(its so rare i see one that i haven't bothered to really learn how they work).

it sat there till the order was restored in the city, then poof. gone, not in the city, not on the edge of the borders, not transported to the luchirp(easy to tell, they had virtually nothing left), just gone. was still at war with the luchirp too, so i don't get it.
That's why if somebody has any equipment you absolutely want, you declare a war and take it. Just have Jonas or Sheelba declare a war on you and absorb a few bits of wisdom. Then if you really want nothing more out of that war, get a peace quickly. As far as I know, taking one of their cities and then offering to liberate it for peace should pretty much guarantee they accept. You could probably even keep that city if you want it.
Was the Illusionary Alazkan on that same plot?
Yes, he was ... the first time. Then I tried again and left Alazkan and his illusion on the adjacent tile but it wanished anyway, although this time Luchuirp scout moved onto the tile - don't know if it made a difference as it didn't pick it up. But in both cases (unlike the 3rd on in hippus territory) the hammer didn't have a flag, as if it wasn't owned by anyone.
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