Which AI's have better cities to conquer?


Jan 11, 2006
I am looking for other players advice and knowledge on AI Civ specific city management and conquest value.

In maltz's “love to see Mansa Masa” thread, I mentioned that while Mansa is a tech ho, his cities are not worth that much, especially compared with Frederick’s cities. Grimz101 thought this would be a great topic on its own, so here it is.

The specific case that I have as an example is in a Prince, large map, archipelago game as George Washington. I was sharing an island with Frederick, so I had to eventually crush him off the island with my macemen and catapults. After defeating his 8 cities (compared to my four specialized cities) I noticed that half (4) of his cities had academies. Talk about sweet loving for a financial civ on an island. I had produced only one academy at that point and about three great merchants. Fredericks cities also had good numbers of forges, courthouses and other beneficial city buildings, but no wonders.

Later in the game when my Navy SEAL teams were finally ready, I invaded Mansa’s neighboring islands. I took about seven cities (including his capitol) in a couple of turns, with only one academy to show, no wonders and most of his cities empty of all buildings. Mansa even founded two religions, but did not have a shrine in either religion’s hometown. Mansa’s cities were big with population and Mansa had more time to build then Frederick, but as a whole, Mansa’s cities are pathetic and will require much work to get useful. Prior to the invasion of Mansa, my spies did see various national wonders on one of his islands, but they do not transfer with new city management.

Why the disparity? One reason, is the different traits of the leaders. With Frederick as philosophical, he can pump out more great people than Mansa for both academies and/or shrines. Another is probably the type of buildings each AI needs. Are libraries and universities always destroyed since they are cultural buildings? More likely than forges, dry-docks, factories and such?

Other AI Civs cities may be great pickups. Isabella with a religious shrine or two, Ghandi is great with wonders. Heck I have seen games where Montezuma gets a good start and gets shrines and wonders out the yin-yang.



Jan 20, 2006
Yeah, Isabella is good for religion. Once I took Madrid which was the holy city of the 3 earliest religions, with shrines if I remember well.
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