Which EVIL civ would you live under?


Oct 6, 2007
I do enjoy the "which god/civ/whatever would you follow in Erebus" threads. But in the civ thread, most people chose neutral or good civs... for obvious reasons. But what if you had to choose one of the evil civilizations to live under? What would be the least of Erebus' myriad evils?

For me, it'd have to be the Balseraphs. Life would be dangerous, yes. I'd have to either keep my head down and avoid getting noticed by the wrong people, or do my best to get noticed by the right people and try to become a nobleman entertaining the mad king and amassing personal wealth. It would be an interesting life... just hopefully not interesting in the wrong way.
I have 2 choices:
Svalts under Faeryl Rule and FoL religion, should be some fighter/assasin/ranger. Ranger prolly. Fighting with my panteras defending ancient woods that save in their deeps occult glades of Unseelie witches.

2nd is Illian ranger, as opposite bringing silence to wrld and fighting for great stasis.
I think I answered this before but definitely the Balseraphs (yeah I know, what a shocker). The beautiful thing about the Balseraphs is that there is room for people who are not themselves evil. Either a sommelier who serves wine to only a select few nobles or a play-write who crafts theater used to subversively encourage minor disention. As long as I do it in an entertaining way I'm sure Perpentach will let it slide.

No fear of death (you would have already of died...), no fear of enemy troops (they would fear you though...), and a chance to serve Hyborem....
Balseraphs. Imagine the posible thesis from linguistic and literature you could defend ...words that destroy your ability to think in the same way as normals...phrases that trap you inside your own dreamed words....plays that unsleash postmodern haze of changing identites upon their audience....Idioms that make you see the world in a grain of sand...
i would join the svartalfar. they seem to be evil in that they treat any outsiders cruelly while for the most part they treat their people fine. i may be way off on that though.
In rough order:

1) The Illians. Yeah, they're pretty much fascists. So? It's not like anyone else is much nicer to foreigners, and at least they're all united behind promises of a glorious future. Besides, Mulcarn was always the least evil of the Evil Gods.

2) The Svartlafar. I imagine you could just keep your head down and get by okay. You won't get backstabbed so long as nobody views you as a threat. Or an inconvienence.

3) The Balseraphs. So long as you don't draw the attention of Perpentach, you're relatively safe. There's also lots of fun stuff to do in the Balseraph lands, and you never lack for entertainment. They're ranked below the Svartlafar and Illians only because your next batch of entertainment could randomly turn out to be the one where your soul gets stolen or you get mutiliated horribly and cast out of society.

4) The Clan of Embers. Everyone on Erebus hates you, and your society is savage and warlike. You also mostly lack the comforts of civilization. These guys come in fourth because the next three are even worse.

5) The Doviello. Much like the clan, except there's not a trace of noble savage in your society. These people are crazy. If you're weak under the Clan, you might be considered worthless; if you're weak under the Doviello, you get eaten. Plus they use the corpses of their enemies as improvised weapons, for Junil's sake.

6) The Calabim. Far, far worse than any of the above, because the society is saturated with despair. There is no hope for escape. There is no hope of finding meaning in your life. You exist for the sole purpose of being eaten by your vampire overlords.

7) The Infernals. Your will is stripped from you, you are tortured and twisted into an unfeeling monster, your world is filled with horrible flames and sulfur, and your only desire is to spread your misery on to others in what amounts to a petulant child's dramatic act of protest.
Yeah, I'll go svart too. They're not too bad, and I can hide my nationality in case anyone asks :p
Svartalfar. Their evil lies in mischief and harm to others, mostly others who did not necessarily ask for any trouble. But I think the Svartalfar treat their people fairly well. And there are few people dumb enough to try to bring the pain to the Svartalfar, so you are comparatively safe from hostile takeover.
I have to say I agree with Sureshot, with Balseraphs being third.
Most likely I would choose the Balseraphs because Svartlafar society is a very dangerous place no matter what especially as a guy. With all the backstabbing and treachery it would be very hard to trust anyone. At least by going Balseraph all I would need to do would avoid attention and the truly insane.
Calabim, if there's any chance of being a Vampire or at least a Moroi

If not then the Balseraphs because as long as I blend in by being outrageous, not to much as that might draw attention, I'd be safe.
If I were a woman, the Svartalfar would be an easy choice. Sure, the society is treacherous, but predictably so. It wouldn't be an enormous effort to learn how the society worked and live an reasonably pleasant existence. As a man, however, the choice becomes more difficult (as the Svartalfar are strongly female-dominated). The Illians don't seem too bad, although perpetual cold isn't all that pleasant. The Balseraphs are also probably not bad at all provided you stay far away from Perpentach and Keelyn.
Probably Sheiam or Ilians. Your average Sheiam probably has a (relatively) decent lot in life, given that crazed murderers are often what passes as rulers in these evil societies. The one issue would be all the burning corpses walking around, not to mention the demons that show up from time-to-time...

Ilians because....well, it's not great, but it sounds better than the others, especially the Calabim. Unless, of course, you have no problem poisoning thousands like Losha...
It's sort of a toss-up between the Illians and the Sheaim for me as well. Auric is about as sane and reasonable as one could hope for among the Evil leaders, and life would probably be all right provided I didn't mind the idea of returning the world to eternal winter.

Meanwhile, at least I'd get to experiment with cool world-destroying magic before I died horribly if I were among the Sheaim. That'd be all right.
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