Which is the best WW2 scenario


Dec 1, 2001
Which is the best WW2 scenario for Classic version made here? Or is the one that came with the game the best?
I thought you gods were all-knowing!

Anyhow, my old pal, I can recommend these:
All have superb units and terrain, unparralled in fact!

2194 days of war, Nemo and Alex (The finest global WW2 ever)
Red Front, by Nemo and Alex (Super USSR battle against Germany)
Second Front, by Nemo and Alex (Amazing, Normandy WW2)

In fact, god-guy, get your self over to CIV2 downloads and
check out the 'modern' scenarios!

A have played them all.... and they rock!
The more the merrier!
Can't play scenarios....What a nightmare.

I would take the noble kobayashi's advice, god.

Go to downloads and upgrade to a higher spec.
failing that, you are going to have to scour the net for a
MGE or ToT version of CIV2.

A life without scenarios...poor guy.

Originally posted by Morten Blaabjerg

Yes, of course, God must be playing civ2. :lol: That will explain a lot of things in my life. :D

I believe it is just us who are playing Civ2... God is probably looking over our shoulder and laughing his (her?) guts out...:jesus:
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