Which Journalistic Giant Would You Most Like To See Run For Prez?

Who Would Make The Best Prez?

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Down With Swingtown
Apr 1, 2006
I go with Mr O.
God, I'm torn between Larry King, who could cause our enemies to voluntarily kill themselves after his umpteenth interview with Paris Hilton and the like, and Walter Cronkite, who I think has a hidden violent streak (pent up outrage from this decade and prior ones) that could play really well in our favor, if harnessed. :mischief:
It comes down to Stewart v Colbert.

Cronkite - dead right?
King - terrible flatulence problem, bad dress sense, schmuck
O'Reilly - the kid on the playground who would have been a bully if he wasn't a weakling. Pinhead.
Ron Burgundy - a shade too aggressive for the Presidency. Right suits tho.
Harris Faulkner - who?
Ronnie B-man FTW.
The third moron, who is less of a moron than the other six
I wish I had a magick wand so I could turn Bill O'Reilly lustfully, maddeningly, exhibitionistically gay.
whats up with olbermann?
Colbert all the way.
Colbert for sure
This was hard for me. Stewart or Colbert? I picked Colbert because his speech in front of the president. He's proven his strength. Plus I might not be able to look at Stewart with a straight face in any serious situation.
Not the first three morons.

Amigo, I really think my generation needs to stage an intervention on your behalf. You are so out of touch with your own cohort's popular culture. We can't let you grow up to be the kind of bitter, middle-aged bald-yet-mustached man, who (in his current incarnation) spends his spare time putting up posters with statistics about how schools have gone down the drain since they took prayer out and put condoms in. (I guess your generation of Angry White Men will be talking about how Comedy Central ruined democracy.)

Colbert and Stewart are geniuses of hilarity, and your obnoxious bellyaching doesn't diminish their wit a jot.
Hunter Thompson, if he wasn't decomposing now....

oh wait, he was cremated via fireworks...well, in any event, he would have made a great choice in one piece...
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